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CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE (CQ)@PLAY: Shaping your future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Dr Cherylene De Jager with Anton Muller

ISBN: 9781869228309

Publishing Date: February 2020

  • R329,00



Reignite your creative spark! Don’t believe the myth that you’re either born creative or you’re not. Creativity is a skill that can be unleashed at any age, no matter your career or circumstances; you just need the right tools to unlock it!  Creative Intelligence CQ@Play: Shaping your future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers an arsenal of methodologies, techniques, tips and exercises to help you unleash your creative thinking. Creative Intelligence will help you to build your creative competence (and confidence!) and liberate your inner Da Vinci, Einstein or Picasso! After all, it’s not your IQ or even your EQ, that will be valued in the future of work. Creative intelligence is predicted to be one of the most sought-after skills of the future.  

Creative Intelligence CQ@Play: Shaping your future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution will show you how to:
  1. Unlock the hidden triggers and trends to ignite your creativity. 
  2. Create an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation. 
  3. Implement proven methodologies, frameworks, techniques and tools to enhance creativity.
  4. Use ideaneering, ideation or idea-generation and design thinking as part of the creative process.
PLUS! It includes fun exercises, as well as a complete creativity toolkit to help you get started on your creative journey – from day one!


“It’s high time we brought more creative acumen to business and government and more business acumen to creatives – and government. This book is an encouraging step on the way.”
Jon Foster-Pedley, Dean and director, Henley Business School, Africa

“Creativity is not magic, it’s a skill that can be developed. This work combines sound academic research and carefully selected tools to develop Creative Intelligence (CQ) for the ‘I’m not creative’ business leader, professional and anyone else who has the courage to develop their CQ.”
Michael Jordaan, founder and CEO of Montegray Capital


Dr Cherylene de Jager holds a DPhil in Leadership in Performance and Change. She is a tenacious researcher and holds multiple degrees focusing on change, creativity and innovation. She is a creativity, innovation and change management specialist. Her portfolio reflects a success story of more than twenty years and features high-profile clients and prominent South African and organisations in the rest of Africa, including financial services organisations (Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank), academic institutions (UJ, NWU), retail (Woolworths, Fochini), mining (Exarro; PPC), hospitality (Sun International) and construction companies (Grinaker-LTA).

Prof. Muller retired in 2011 as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management with staff and student research and postgraduate studies as the main thrusts of his portfolio. He was also the research manager of the Faculty and chaired the Faculty Research Committee and the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee and he was a member of Manco. He served as a member of Senate and as a member of the institutional Higher Degrees Committee and the Institutional Research Committee. In September 2011 he was appointed Emeritus Professor of the University of Johannesburg.


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