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What can I do to help my child make the right career choice?

You can start from an early age to prepare your child in making the all-important career choice. Allow your child as much opportunity to explore different careers and career paths as possible:
  1. Let your child read books on careers
  2. Do research on what new jobs have been ‘invented’
  3. Go to university/college open days to see what the different departments offer.
  4. Look out for business newspapers and magazines and our resources pages that often comment on the job market.
  5. Be supportive of your child during his/her exploration phase as your own views and beliefs can influence that you of your child’s.

What does career guidance entail?

Career guidance is a process for individuals to assist them in getting to know themselves better and understanding their career goals. This process is often accompanied by psychometric testing where psychometric tests are used to assess the individual’s personality, interests, values, cognitive ability and so forth. Understanding all the above aspects allows the individual to align his/her career aspirations with his/her personality, interests, values and abilities.

When should I send my child for career guidance?

You can send your child for a formal career guidance process from the age of 16. Most parents send their children for career guidance before they embark on a tertiary education as this is a crucial step in their future career path.

How will a career guidance process benefit my child?

It is believed that most people will have eight to nine different jobs in their life-time. Every job change or career change is potentially stressful; by going through a career guidance process your child will be equipped with the skills to handle future career decisions.

By using behavioural techniques and/or assessments your child will have gained the necessary self-insight to enable him/her to make the correct career choice now and in the future. In addition your child will be offered guidance in terms of:

  • Creating a CV that stands out
  • The do’s and don’ts when going for interviews
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • How to use social networks to promote him/herself
  • Where and how to find the perfect job
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