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Human Performance Technology

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Human Performance Technology

Belia Nel

ISBN: 9781869224400

Publishing Date: October 2013

  • R1 513,00



The Human Performance Technology Learning Guide provides you with an introduction to the concepts and standards of Performance Improvement and links this to your work in the various aspects of Human Resources and its relationship to organisational and people performance. Learn about a proven methodology in the context of your work environment and build your competence in your own time and at your own pace.

The focus of this Learning Guide is based on three essential questions:

  1. What is Human Performance Technology (HPT) and how de we relate it to HR?
  2. How do we apply the standards of HPT to our work in HR?
  3. What requirements must the performance specialist/consultant satisfy in terms of the Performance Improvement landscape, roles and competencies?

You will learn how to apply the international standards for Performance Improvement in all your work, differentiate between HR systems which provide results and those which don’t, and develop a performance improvement and sustainability strategy by applying the practices and skills to excel in your work as performance specialist. With this Learning Guide, you as a Human Resources Practitioner and Performance Specialist can:

  1. Follow an easy page-by-page guide to build your knowledge in Performance Improvement
  2. Learn in your own time and at your own pace
  3. Follow easy icons to guide you while you are learning
  4. View videos at your leisure which explain in practical terms the concepts, theories and standards of Performance Improvement
  5. Learn how to apply the 10 international practice standards for the Performance Improvement methodology
  6. Gain credibility in your organisation as an expert who delivers results and adds value
  7. Gain the knowledge which leads to an international credential of Certified Performance Technologist (CPT).
The HPT Learning Guide is easy to follow with the step-by-step activities to pace your own learning and meet your own career development needs. This will set you apart from other practitioners by assisting you in achieving your organisational performance needs and goals.


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