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Future-Fit Leaders

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Future-Fit Leaders (PDF E-book)
Future-Fit Leaders (PDF E-book)
by Prof Theo H Veldsman

Future-Fit Leaders

by Prof Theo H Veldsman

ISBN: 9781869225070

Publishing Date: November 2014

  • R275,00



Future-Fit Leaders by Prof Theo H Veldsman is no ordinary leadership handbook. It's a real-time leadership diary. It is structured around the action learning process of:
  • Exploration
  • Discovery
  • Action
  • Learning, and
  • Reflection
It endeavours to enable you as a leader to turn your Experiences as a leader into Information, and your Information into Knowledge; and your Knowledge into Wisdom.

The aim of this book is to act as a Leadership Diary to direct and guide your daily leadership journey. It belongs on your desk at all times as an immediate, handy reference and a means to reflect on and keep a record of your leadership journey.

The diary covers various themes and each theme comes with questions for reflection; and space to record your leadership journey with respect to that theme.
If you are a leader or would like to develop your leadership skills then this diary is a must-have for 2015.

Themes covered in the diary:
  • Theme 1: The imperative for leadership excellence going into the future.
  • Theme 2: What is leadership all about?
  • Theme 3: What is the profile of future-fit leaders?
  • Theme 4: What are the critical qualities of future-fit leaders?
  • Theme 5: Answering the ultimate leadership excellence questions.
  • Theme 6: My pledge as a future-fit leader.

About Prof Theo H Veldsman

Prof Theo Veldsman has been Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at the University of Johannesburg since 2008. He has more than 30 years' extensive research and development experience. Theo is the author of Into the People Effectiveness Arena Navigating between Chaos and Order, dealing with pressing people issues and has published about 180 reports and articles.


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