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Why is Collective Bargaining Failing in South Africa? (PDF E-Book)

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Why is Collective Bargaining Failing in South Africa? (PDF E-Book)

Dr Geoffry Heald

ISBN: 978-1-86922-630-5

Publishing Date:

  • R296,10



Why is Collective Bargaining Failing in South Africa? offers an extensive analysis of the current nature of collective bargaining in South Africa. Collective bargaining is failing in South Africa because the parties to the process have failed to seek ways of achieving inclusive social development and of balancing the requirements of a competitive economy, the imperative for employment creation and the achievement of an ecologically sustainable environment. This means that many of the inequalities in the labour market that were created by apartheid remain unaddressed.

Contents include:

  1. Business as an Agency for Change in South Africa – the Contested Meaning and Purpose of Collective Bargaining
  2. The Relevance of an Understanding of Normal and Deep-rooted Conflict to Collective Bargaining
  3. The Disjuncture between Employment Creation and Collective Bargaining in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  4. Strikes, Rolling Mass Action and Civil Conflicts as Indicators of South Africa’s Unrest Proneness
  5. Stakeholder Fragmentation and Collective Bargaining in South Africa – the Interaction of Pathologies of Conflict and Poverty
  6. Implications, opportunities and recommendations.

This book will be of interest to businessmen and -women, trade unionists, human resources and industrial relations practitioners, policy makers, strategic planners, decision-makers, employees, investors, religious leaders, politicians, academics, as well as concerned South Africans from all walks of life who are seeking to make South Africa a better place in which to live.

Dr Geoffry Heald is a senior lecturer in negotiation at the University of the Witwatersrand Graduate School of Business Administration (Wits Business School) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Most recently, Geoffry has been working on the African Negotiation Project (ANP) which entails negotiation research, education, training, conferencing and consulting in the spheres of’ commercial and industrial relations, and political negotiations across the continent of Africa.  



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