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Surviving the SA Media

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Surviving the SA Media

Marion Sher

ISBN: 9781869221546

Publishing Date: 9-Jan

  • R231,00



There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your company/client’s name in lights, glowing in a publication or on radio, television or the internet.  But just how does this come about?  And how do you do it whilst simultaneously building relationships with the media?

Award winning journalist and author Marion Scher has managed to clarify the following:

how to get your company’s product or yourself into the media.
how to form relationships with public relations (PR) companies, nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) and organisations.
how to build bridges and make the media more accessible to you.

This book also covers the following including good and bad examples, pointers and editing tips:

getting results
knowing your media
writing the release
what is meant by newsworthy
how newspapers work
launches of new products
dealing with the first approach
preparing for an interview
an interview – what and how to say it
handling a studio interview
becoming a credible spokesperson
crisis communication and the media
social media and what it means
dealing with the international press/agencies

This book will help you to:

know your media
build personal relationships
planning your media campaign realistically
compare one day’s news stories
develop and bring your message across

Marion Scher has been one of South Africa's top freelance journalists for the last 21 years, writing for many leading publications such as Fair Lady, True Love, Cosmopolitan, Style, Men's Health and Sunday Times Lifestyle to name a few.  In 2005 she was awarded the prestigious Rosalynn Carter Award for Mental Health Journalism from the Carter Center in Atlanta, USA and is today a member of their South African Advisory Board.  Perhaps one of her biggest contributions to the media she feels, has been the journalism students she taught during her 14 years as a lecturer, many of whom today hold major positions in the media.

Her varied career has also seen her working as a producer and researcher for the SABC as well as working with radio stations. 

Today she not only acts as media consultant to many of South Africa's top companies but also runs training courses on media related subjects from writing skills to handling media interviews.


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