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Learning in a Disruptive Age: Developing sound digital learning strategies

by Letitia van der Merwe and Graham Wolfson

ISBN: 9781869228125

Publishing Date: September 2019

  • R299,00



It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the terminology, concepts and tools available in the digital learning space. Learning in a Disruptive Age explores how the modern learner uses technology to learn and what this means for your organisation from a digital learning perspective.

This complete, how-to book will help you design and implement a sound digital learning strategy for today’s workplace. It unpacks:
  1. The terms used in learning technology, using a Periodic Table of Digital Learning
  2. The modern learner and workplace and the impact on learning
  3. How to craft a digital learning strategy
  4. Lessons learned in implementing a digital learning strategy
  5. How to measure the implementation of the digital learning strategy
  6. The relevance of traditional measuring models in a disrupted world
  7. The emergence of technologies that can support the measurement of non-formal learning.
Learning in a Disruptive Age is essential reading for anyone struggling to make sense of digital learning in the workplace. In this book you’ll find how-to guides, case studies, templates and resources you can apply immediately within your own organisation.


Dr Letitia van der Merwe is the Managing Director of inavit iQ learning. Her areas of specific expertise include learning and development, leadership, customer centricity and project management. Her career encompasses experiences from a wide range of Leadership, Human Resources and Organisational Development projects and interventions in the private and public sector as well as in the world of consulting.

Graham Wolfson has spent a significant part of his career working in the field of learning and technology. He has been in the consulting business for more than 15 years, working predominantly on projects where virtual learning was selected as a mechanism to upskill the employee base. His interests lie in the way that people interact with technology and how it can best be utilised to make the most of its benefits while avoiding its pitfalls.


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