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Leadership Development Survey

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Leadership Development Survey

In collaboration with Natalie Cunningham and Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron.

ISBN: 9781869224363

Publishing Date:

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The report on the state of  is now available. This comprehensive survey was conducted by Knowledge Resources in collaboration with Natalie Cunningham and Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron.

More than 150 organisations participating with a total workforce of over 2.7 million covering all the major industries and economic sectors of the economy. It is a very comprehensive analysis of all the various leadership development practices and approaches currently used.

The comprehensive report covers amongst other the following:

  1. Background to study and respondents
  2. Description and definition of leadership within organisations
  3. Who is targeted for Leadership Development Programmes
  4. Current approaches to leadership development
  5. Current content/knowledge areas in Leadership Development Programmes
  6. Future content preferences for Leadership Development
  7. Supplier preferences
  8. Challenges and obstacles to overcome in delivering Leadership Development Programmes 
  9. Evaluation process
  10. Effectiveness of current Leadership Development Programmes
  11. Size of budgets
  12. Number of people developed
  13. Average duration of Leadership Development Programmes
  14. Most admired companies for their Leadership Development approaches

More about the collaborators: 

NATALIE CUNNINGHAM, Owner, Origo Consultant
Natalie Cunningham is an experienced Organisational Development Consultant, Leadership Coach, Team Facilitator and activist in personal growth and sustainable change. She has run her own consultancy, Origo Consultants, for the last 25 years. In addition, she is a coach for GIBS and a lead consultant for Unleash. Natalie was previously Director of The Leadership Development Centre at Wits Business School. She was instrumental in developing a Masters in Management in Business and Executive Coaching, as well as setting up a Coaching Supervision Certificate and Business Executive Coaching Certificate. She headed up all the coaching in support of Leadership Development Programmes at Wits. She holds a BA (S.W) Honours and an MBA from Wits. 

DR SUNNY  STOUT-ROSTRON -Director, Sunny Stout Rostron Associates
Sunny coaches at senior executive and board level, and has a wide range of experience in leadership development and business strategy. With over 20 years’ international  experience as an executive coach, Sunny has played a leading role in building the emerging profession of coaching, and her passion is to develop the knowledge base for coaching through research and  the critical reflective practice of  dedicated practitioners. Sunny is a Research Mentor for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard/McLean Medical School. She lectures and supervises research at several graduate schools of business. Sunny has authored many books with the most recent being: Business Coaching Wisdom and Practice: Unlocking the Secrets of Business Coaching (Knowres, 2009).


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