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Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals and Teams (PDF E-book)

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Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals and Teams (PDF E-book)

Dr Tineke Wulffers

ISBN: 9781869227074

Publishing Date: August 2017

  • R314,10



True leadership has always been more difficult to maintain in challenging times, but the unique stressors facing organisations throughout the world today call for renewed attention to what constitutes truly positive leadership. In AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS for Individuals and Teams Tineke Wulffers combines the best of academic research, with years of personal experience working with leaders and teams, to offer a practical guide on how to develop this type of leadership effectiveness in real life.

This book is divided up as follows:

Part I
– Definition and impact of authentic leadership – considers the need for authentic leadership, gives an overview of what is generally understood by Authentic Leadership. It also focuses on the impact of leadership authenticity on inter-relational trust, on individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness.

Part II
– Development of authentic leadership – forms the crux of this book. As the development of authentic leadership requires different considerations to what is mostly espoused in the field of leadership development, considerations and criteria for AL development and AL programmes are discussed. This is followed by a high-level and detailed overview of this specific individual and team ALE programme, which might well be a first. Finally, part II concludes with a detailed, followed by two high-level case studies of the effects of the ALE programme under discussion.

Part III
– Well-known examples of leaders through the lens of AL – even though AL programmes have not really been available before, such leadership can be developed by means of introspection and commitment to further development during a lifetime of life experiences and work episodes.


Tineke divides her time between her practitioner and academic work. She is Director of the Moya Institute of Authentic Leadership Effectiveness. As an academic she is affiliated with both the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and the Wits Business School (WBS) where she lectures, supervises, and examines the work of postgraduate students. She has a PhD in Personal and Professional Leadership (UJ), as well as a Master’s (cum laude) in Professional Coaching (Middlesex University). She regularly writes academic articles on authentic leadership development, and she has contributing to the book Leadership Perspectives from the Front Line.

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