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Assessment Centres: Unlocking potential for growth

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Assessment Centres: Unlocking potential for growth

Sandra Schlebusch and Gert Roodt

ISBN: 9781869221133

Publishing Date: 8-Mar

  • R339,00



 Assessment Centre technology has the potential to provide a platform for firstly, diagnosing potential candidates’ management potential and secondly, training these candidates and developing their management capabilities.


Assessment Centre technology has the advantage of simultaneously providing training and development and hands-on management experience based on realistic simulations. Assessment Centres are widely underestimated as a vehicle for providing needs-based management training and developing.

There is currently no South African book on the market in this area. The book is based on the logic and sound theoretical principles of the Design Model. The Design Model provides the basis for systematically covering the analysis, design, implementation and the evaluation stages in the Assessment Centre development process.


The Design Model is also superimposed on program evaluation principles where each stage of the model can be evaluated against predetermined criteria.


The book also:

·        Focuses on a range of critical practical considerations for running an Assessment Centre

·        Features chapters on international current practices and future trends by renowned international authors such as Krause and Thornton

·        Includes a set of Guidelines from the Assessment Centre Study Group to Assessment Practitioners

·        Covers the SA historical development of Assessment Centres


It is a ‘how to’ book that focuses on practical execution.

Sandra is currently the MD of Lemasa Pty Ltd, a company that specialises in Assessment and Development Centres, training and development and organisation development in Southern Africa. Prof Gerhard (Gert) Roodt is currently heading the Centre for Work Performance at the University of Johannesburg. He has a longstanding interest in assessment of human potential.


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