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The New World of Work: An ‘SOS’ Call to Management

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The New World of Work: An ‘SOS’ Call to Management

by Dr Mark Bussin and Chris Blair

ISBN: 9781869227937

Publishing Date: April 2019

  • R329,00



The ‘New World of Work’ is not a future concept. It is a current reality. 

Not only has the nature of work changed, but how we organise ourselves to optimally deliver the work is also evolving. There’s no doubt, the advent of ‘Agile’ is challenging traditional organisation structures and ways of working. 

How should HR practitioners and business leaders respond? 

This book explores this brave, new, agile world of work and what it takes to shift mindsets, behaviours, structures and practices to enable success. 

The New World of Work: An ‘SOS’ Call to Management offers readers a thorough, but easy-to-understand. overview of:

Agility in the workplace
Organisation challenges and responses to agility
The rise of the contingent workforce
Attracting and retaining talent 
Driving teamwork and rewarding teams
Commensurate leadership and people practices
The key features and differences between robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)
Work space design, colocation and how the HR function should respond
And more!

Offering numerous first-hand case studies, as well as hands-on, practical advice, The New World of Work: An ‘SOS’ Call to Management will equip HR practitioners and business leaders to respond to these new agile structures and ways of working.


Dr Mark Bussin 

Mark is the Chairperson of 21st Century (Pty) Ltd, a specialist remuneration and HR consultancy. He has HR and remuneration experience across all industry sectors and is viewed as a thought-leader in this arena. Mark has held global executive positions for several multinational organisations, including mining, FMCG and financial services organisations. He serves on and advises numerous Boards and Audit and Remuneration Committees. He has published or presented over 450 popular articles and papers and 45 peer reviewed journal articles. 

Mark is a guest lecturer at several universities and supervises Masters and Doctoral theses in the HR, Leadership and Reward areas. He is a past President of SARA (South African Reward Association) and a past Commissioner for the remuneration of Public Office Bearers in the Presidency.

Chris Blair

Chris Blair is the CEO of 21st Century (Pty) Ltd, the largest remuneration consultancy in southern Africa. He has consulted to over 1000 organisations, both in South Africa and internationally. Chris is a registered Chartered Human Resource (CHR) Practitioner with the SABPP and is also accredited as a Master Reward Specialist through the South African Reward Association (SARA).  Chris has published numerous articles on remuneration and has appeared in the press for expert views on the subject.


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