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Employee Engagement: Creating Positive Energy at Work (PDF E-Book)

by Joan Peters

ISBN: 9781869228156

Publishing Date: September 2019

  • R269,10



Engaged employees are essential to the success of an organisation. A highly-engaged employee will offer better customer experiences, produce higher-quality work, be more productive and innovative more often. As an HR leader, it’s crucial to understand the underlying drivers of engagement in order to create an environment that produces high-performing employees. 

Employee Engagement: Creating high positive energy at work is a complete how-to guide book for implementing a sound employee engagement strategy. This book unpacks the role leaders and HR play in:
  1. Understanding the importance of employee engagement in organisational success
  2. Measuring employee engagement
  3. The conditions required for highly engaged employees
  4. Matching work to employee’s strengths 
  5. Creating a sense of meaning and purpose at work through an inspiring vision, values and culture
  6. Supporting employees in their personal and work-related growth and development.
  7. Creating the organisational climate required for high-engagement
  8. Ensuring leaders play their role in creating high-engagement
  9. Addressing the organisational issues for high-engagement
Employee Engagement: Creating high positive energy at work is essential reading for anyone who currently manages people or will lead them in the future. It’s also an essential reference guide for HR executives responsible for crafting employee policy.


Previously Leadership Development Manager at Volkswagen Group South Africa, today Joan Peters is a consultant in the field of leadership and organisational development and an executive coach. She worked closely with the different CEOs and a wide range of executive management, leading a range of change management processes. These include leadership development interventions, coaching, talent management, assessment centres, organisational culture interventions, employee engagement surveys and team development workshops. Joan has an M Phil in Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

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