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Creating Effective Boards and Committees (PDF E-book)

Sindi Zilwa

ISBN: 9781869226220

Publishing Date: 01 May 2016

  • R235,35



Foreword by Mervyn E King SC
Creating Effective Boards and Committees
Implement the BCem model to optimise director effectiveness

Creating Effective Boards and Committees provides a valuable resource for new and seasoned directors of companies. The book offers practical guidance to optimise preparation time and meeting participation. The author share tools and knowledge in the book and makes it a must-read for all seeking empowerment to become active influencers of company strategy and success.

Sindi’s Board and Committee Effectiveness Model (BCem) will guide Directors in
 analysing and decision making within their fiduciary roles.  In applying the model directors will understand the business and industry better, be able to interrogate and listen better; follow through and identify and raise red flags.

“In her model Sindi has set out how a lack of understanding of critical issues such as one’s fiduciary duties can result in one becoming an ineffective director.  At the same time she points to inappropriate participation in meetings which includes an inability to listen, understand and interrogate the information before one.  The models developed by Sindi actually help a new director in using appropriate knowledge and participating on an appropriate basis at meetings.  A new director reading this book will be assisted in making a positive contribution at board and committee meetings.”

Mervyn E King SC

 “The position of a director is indeed very onerous. It requires many attributes and a multiplicity of talents and skills. It is insufficient simply to possess the required attributes, talents and skills; It is equally important for the director to have the ability to apply these attributes in practise. The combination of all this is very daunting even for experienced directors; how more so for those whose entry into the corporate world as directors has only just begun. A great service has been done to these people by Sindi Zilwa in her latest book “Creating Effective Boards and Committees”. In this book Sindi has compiled an admirable collection of tools which should serve as an invaluable guide to people who serve as directors.”

Michael Katz | ENSafrica Chairman

The Board and Committee Effectiveness Model is a very innovative way that Sindi has sort to share her experiences and views about being a company non-executive director, a NED. I share most of her views and my own experience as a NED confirms that this journey is both exciting and burdensome.  I highly recommend that NEDs read this book. I enjoyed reading and learning more from it. Director induction and training will benefit tremendously from this offering. Siyabulela!!

TT Mboweni | Former Governor of the SA Reserve Bank and 
a Director of Companies | Johannesburg

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