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Mental Health and Wellness Online Seminar

The rise of corporate mental health


5 November 2020
Time: 09:00 – 16:00
Online Conference

All presentations will be recorded and made available to delegates for viewing again after the event.

Whether you are going into work or working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably changed the way you work. Fear and anxiety about this new disease and other strong emotions can be overwhelming and workplace stress can lead to burnout. How you cope with these emotions and stress can affect wellbeing, the wellbeing of the people you care about, your workplace and your community. During this pandemic, it is critical that you recognise what stress looks like, take steps to build your resilience and manage job stress and know where to go if you need help.

There’s new research from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on how COVID-19 is impacting employee mental health, and the results are worrying:
  • 40% of employees are reporting symptoms of feeling hopeless, burned out or exhausted,
  • 2 in 3 are experiencing depressive symptoms at least sometimes,
  • 55% of employee are reporting often having little interest or pleasure in doing things since COVID-19 began (download the complete report– here.)
The South African Depression and Anxiety Group’s (SADAG) online survey on COVID-19 and mental health highlighted the following challenges experienced during lockdown:
  • 55% Anxiety and Panic
  • 46% Financial stress and pressure
  • 40% Depression
  • 30% Poor family relations
  • 12% Feelings of suicide
  • 6% Substance abuse

Social distancing and lockdown measures are forcing employers to adapt overnight and find new ways to engage, motivate and protect the wellbeing of employees. And the decisions made now will define their employer brand and reputation for many years to come... It has never been more important to create a positive company culture that wholly supports both individual and organisational wellbeing.

Right now, your organisation has a unique opportunity to re-imagine the potential and possibility of a new future, a world of work driven by collective purpose and wellbeing. And if you get your recovery and return strategy right now, it will become the ultimate benefits package to support talent retention, recruitment and productivity in the future.

To help you achieve this, KR will be hosting an online Mental Health and Wellness Seminar on 5 November 2020. This one-day online event will feature expert speakers from Accenture, Momentum Metropolitan, Air Products SA, Telesure Group Services, EY Africa, ooba, South African Depression and Anxiety Group, TransForum Business Development, Neurocapital and more. You’ll have a chance to find out how they are managing employee mental health during COVID-19 and unlock strategies for managing and promoting employee wellbeing in your own organisation.

Our truly phenomenal speaker line-up includes:
  • Keshnie Martin, HR Director, Accenture
  • Justin Fiddes, Wellness Specialist at Telesure Investment Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Karen Mcdonald, HR Executive, Air Products SA
  • Thato Matlala, Human Resources Business Partner, ooba
  • Jenny Greyling, Africa Talent Development and Total Rewards Leader, EY
  • Navlika Ratangee, Clinical Operations Director, ICAS
  • Dr Dieter Veldsman, Head Organisational Effectiveness, Momentum Metropolitan
  • Shani Cohen, Registered Dietician
  • Dr Colinda Linde, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Scientific and Advisory Board Member, South African Depression and Anxiety Group
  • Shelley Childs, Executive Consultant, TransForum Business Development
  • Joanna Kleovoulou, Director - Clinical Psychologist, PsycMatters
  • Ingra du Buisson Narsai, Director Neurocapital, Best-selling author of Fight Flight or Flourish
  • Radhi Vandayar, Founder, ThruVision Consulting, President Elect, EAP SA
  • And more…


The Mental Health and Wellness Online Seminar represents a critical platform for all South African organisations to explore their duty of care to their employees. As such, a wide range of HR practitioners, line managers, organisational and clinical psychologist as well as group wellness specialists and professionals within the corporate health and wellness arena will attend. Presentations will be appropriate for organisations across all sectors.


  1. Find out how Accenture is navigating leadership challenges in this new reality to help their people to develop human resilience.
  2. Get an update on the latest trends on mental health in the workplace.
  3. Learn more about the best practices to implement during this pandemic (interactive panel discussion).
  4. Find out how Telesure Investment Holdings is managing employee health and wellness and their post-COVID strategy.
  5. Learn what steps EY Africa are taking to build a better working world during this pandemic.
  6. Find out how to build resilience and make a positive impact on the mental health crisis we will shortly face.
  7. Learn more about obesity and its impact on the individual employee and the organisation.
  8. Discover what tools to use to deal with depression and anxiety in the workplace.
  9. Find out how to apply positive-neuroscience to mental health practices in the new low touch economy.
  10. And more!

For more information about the Seminar, please contact Katie van der Schyff on or +27 11 706 6009.




Welcome and introduction


Human Resilience – What your people need now

Responsible leadership has taken on an even deeper meaning, as our workforces find themselves in an unfamiliar, fast-moving global environment. Many companies are still determining how they change the way they work, short- and long-term. But speed is of the essence, as our workforces and communities try to function and perform, while struggling to cope with what is happening in their daily lives.

Accenture is helping CHROs, CEOs and boards navigate the leadership challenges in this new reality. Our latest study highlights what workers need from leaders in basic physical, mental and relational areas. These needs apply at all times, but they are magnified in crisis. Leaders who rise to the challenge will help their people develop human resilience - the ability to adapt and engage through difficult times.

Keshnie Martin, Head of Human Resources, Accenture

CASE STUDY: Building a better working world at EY through varied wellbeing initiatives

There has never been a better time for organisations to live their purpose. Through this pandemic, organisations have had an opportunity to think out of the box and to uphold their purpose. EY has actively demonstrated their purpose of Building a better working world, for their people, their clients, and their communities and Jenny Greyling, EY Africa’s Total Rewards Leader will share some of the wellbeing practices implemented at EY to support that purpose through extended remote working.

Jenny Greyling, Africa Talent Development and Total Rewards Leader, EY

Trends in mental health in the workplace

  • Current mental healthcare trends
  • Emerging and changing mental health care trends
  • Looking into the future: The potential impact of mental health care trends post the pandemic
Navlika Ratangee, Clinical Operations Director, ICAS

10:45–11:00 Morning break

  • CASE STUDY: Employee health and wellness during and after COVID-19 – Telesure Investment Holdings
  • What are we doing differently?
  • What is and isn’t working and why?
  • Post COVID-19 strategy
Justin Fiddes, Wellness Specialist at Telesure Investment Holdings Pty Ltd


ooba CASE STUDY - The transformation of Traditional Performance Management to a Neuroscience designed PM ecosystem to address the impact of low recognition and poor relationships on wellbeing.

Thato Matlala, Human Resources Business Partner, ooba

12:00–13:00 Lunch break


The power of food: Obesity and its impact on the individual employee and the organisation

Dietary habits influence the risk of disease. Certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, while others offer protective qualities. Chronic diseases (or lifestyle diseases) pose substantial health and economic burdens on society. This burden is even more so present, as the country fights against COVID-19. Obesity, and its related health conditions, have been clearly shown to worsen the effect of COVID-19. Therefore, the call to action for individuals, businesses and government to improve our eating habits could not be any clearer. A diet that has been the focus of research regarding overall health over the last few decades is the Mediterranean diet, not only for the types of foods promoted, but for its recommended preparation methods too. Shani will take us through steps on how you can assist your employees and to implement this in your organisation.

Shani Cohen, Registered Dietician

What can minimalism do for mental health?

A minimalistic approach to life and work is about prioritising what matters. It is about quality, not quantity. Minimalism moves us away from conspicuous consumption and an endless busyness at home and work and embraces simplicity, clarity and structure. It emphasises priority driven activity that matter, decluttering our lives so we can achieve more, and live less stressful and meaningful lives. The focus will be on practical strategies we can use to start creating more relaxing work and home environments.

Shelley Childs, Executive Consultant, TransForum Business Development cc

Applying Positive- Neuroscience to Mental health practices in the new low touch economy

Learn about; (1) the foundational concepts that underpin flourishing at work AND (2) build a repertoire of Micro-techniques into daily routines to down-regulate distress, facilitate focus, and jump-start an upward spiral of flourishing

Ingra du Buisson Narsai, Director Neurocapital, Best-selling author of Fight Flight or Flourish

14:30–14:45 Afternoon break


So, what’s the deal with depression and anxiety?
There is a tool for everything. You just need to match the tool to the person, problem or situation.

  • Is it possible to overcome anxiety and depression?
  • Identify coping mechanisms, options and solutions
Dr Colinda Linde, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Scientific and Advisory Board Member, South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Best practices to implement – interactive panel discussion
The HR function is being tasked with developing a strategy on creating a new "normal" for their organisation in the wake of COVID-19. This interactive discussion will unpack some of the questions around the best practices to implement.

Dr Dieter Veldsman, Head Organisational Effectiveness, Momentum Metropolitan
Karen Mcdonald, HR Executive, Air Products SA
Radhi Vandayar, Founder, ThruVision Consulting, President Elect, EAP SA
Joanna Kleovoulou, Director - Clinical Psychologist, PsycMatters

15:45–16:00 Close of seminar


Keshnie Martin, Head of Human Resources, Accenture
Keshnie has worked in the field of Human Resources for 18 years, gaining experience across the entire value chain of HR. Her key strengths are strategy development and implementation; business partnering; talent management; HR transformation; implementation of HR systems and building high-performing teams. Prior to her appointment at Accenture, she was a Director at PwC, responsible for the overall strategic Human Capital delivery to the Assurance line of service for PwC Africa.
Shelley Childs, Executive Consultant, TransForum Business Development cc
Shelley currently, through her company, TransForum business Development, researches, talks on and writes about the future of work and our relationship with work in a changing world. When she is not doing that she talks and writes about critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving. She has a broad business background including serving for 7 years as a non-executive director of various Joburg municipal entities. Her early career was in Human Resource management in manufacturing. Later she joined one of the early Personal Computer dealerships before starting her own dealership specialising in early computer graphics, customized PC based solutions and training.
Shani Cohen, Registered Dietician
E Ask a registered dietitian, Shani wishes to broaden her horizon in the food and health industry by applying the theory and skills she has developed during her academic and professional career to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition related problems. It is her aim to help promote nutritional wellbeing, treat disease and prevent nutrition-related problems by providing practical and safe advice based on the latest scientific evidence. Shani hope to contribute to South African society by translating nutrition science into understandable, practical information about food, allowing people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices. She is currently registered with the HPCSA, ADSA and ISPAD.
Justin Fiddes, Wellness Specialist at Telesure Investment Holdings Pty Ltd
Justin is currently The Wellness Manager for Telesure Investment Holdings and a Biokineticist by qualification. He is an exercise enthusiast with keen interest in endurance running. His passion lies in health and wellness promotion and this is where he practices his expertise. Justin specializes in holistic corporate wellness dynamics, entailing disease burden risk stratification, innovative targeted interventions and strategies to drive better business performance and inclusive cultures.
Karen Mcdonald, HR Executive, Air Products SA
An experienced Human Resources Professional having worked across the African continent, in the Infrastructure, Manufacturing and more recently the Industrial Gas Industry. Skilled in Human Resources Leadership, Talent Management, HR Operations, Employee Relations, Manager and Employee Engagement.
Navlika Ratangee, Clinical Operations Director, ICAS SA
Navlika Ratangee is a qualified clinical psychologist and is also a GIBS MBA graduate. She is currently the Clinical Operations Director at ICAS SA, a behavioural risk and employee health and wellness company. She has diverse experience in human capital management, behavioural risk, change management, managerial consulting, global management consulting leadership, organisational resilience and organisational strategy. She also has an abundance of experience in dealing with mental health in the workplace and has consulted to many South African corporates in this regard.
Dr Dieter Veldsman, Head Organisational Effectiveness, Momentum Metropolitan
Dr Dieter Veldsman is a seasoned organisational effectiveness practitioner specialising in organisational design, business transformation, change and development at an executive level. He is a passionate researcher. He is currently the Group Executive: People and Organisational Effectiveness at the Momentum Metropolitan Group, a multi-national financial services provider with a footprint in Africa, the United Kingdom and India.
Ingra du Buisson – Narsai, Director, NeuroCapital
Ingra is a Registered Organisational Psychologist in private practice. She is the co-founder and Director of NeuroCapital Consulting. which consults to some of South Africa’s leading and most admired companies. Ingra has 16 years of executive level experience in corporate South Africa, including as Group HR Director for Famous Brands Limited, Human Resources Executive (Aegis Insurance/RMBH Group), and HR Director (Usko/Bytes Technology). Academically, she holds a MComm (Organisational Psychology) degree, a BComm Hons (Strategic Management) degree, and a MSc degree in Neuroscience-based Leadership. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D., focusing on the behavioural markers of neuroscience-based leadership. Ingra is a founding member of the International Neuro Practitioners Guild, and a frequent best practice “Sharer” at conferences, business schools and in the media. Her unique contribution is being a catalyst for change, using integrative organisational neuroscience. She is the author of KR publishing best-selling book, Fight, Flight or Flourish.
Dr Colinda Linde, Clinical Psychologist, Premiere Healthcare, Scientific and Advisory Board member, South African Depression and Anxiety Group
Colinda is a clinical psychologist, in private practice since 1993 and specialising in cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders, sleep issues, stress and burnout. She is the founder of The CBT Group, also the creator of the CBT site Thoughtsfirst which reflects her passion for self-help. Colinda has been involved with SADAG since 1999, as an Advisory Board member and Director, also former Chairperson. Her portfolio includes media as well as counsellor selection and training. She is regularly quoted in written media and professional journals, frequently interviewed on radio and television as an expert guest, and is a keynote speaker on mental health topics and more. Colinda has authored several books the latest being Practical Mindfulness (Alembic, 2018) co-authored with Neil Bierbaum, co-founder of the Practical Mindfulness programme.
Radhi Vandayar, Owner, ThruVision Consulting, President Elect: EAPA South Africa Board, Professional Coach, MBA Mentor and Academic Tutor
Radhi is a passionate people engagement professional that owns a training and coaching consultancy. She is also currently an MBA mentor/academic tutor at Henley business school for their MBA students. Then recently she was elected to the post of president elect of the EAPA Board. She has served on the board for the last 11 years. She is passionate about people development and therefore works within the Human capital space as a consultant on Employee wellness and for the last 15 years. Her previous position at ICAS is Strategic L&D Manager has exposed her to a number of industries that has developed her vast experience in people engagement and wellbeing interventions.
Joanna Kleovoulou, Director - Clinical Psychologist, PsycMatters
Joanna Kleovoulou is a registered clinical psychologist, workshop facilitator, speaker and mentor. She is the Founder of PsychMatters Centre™ in Johannesburg, a space of healing offered by a team of psychologists to assist all to live masterfully. She has a deep belief that every individual has a profound purpose and is passionate about empowering children and adults to dip into their fullness.
Jenny Greyling, Africa Talent Development and Total Rewards Leader, EY
Jenny is responsible for the deployment of Learning and Development and Talent Management for the Africa Region for EY. She is passionate about the development of people through world class learning programs and supported by focused experiences and coaching. She has worked at EY across the world for the past 24 years in various roles. Jenny has vast experience in career management, development of high potentials, development centres, facilitation, coaching and mentoring programs, as well as change management programs. She is a registered Chartered Accountant (CA) and also has a Master’s degree from UJ.
Thato Matlala, Human Resources Business Partner, ooba
A Millennial, Mother and Activist of the principles of neuroscience in the workplace. For the past 11 years, Thato has held various roles in Human Capital for the Financial Industry. Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing. Skilled in Talent, Performance, Learning & Development and Coaching. Thato enjoys designing creative and innovative Human Capital solutions and Learning interventions. Her current role at ooba as a Human Resources Business Partner involves partnering with Business Leaders, Managers and Employees to help them achieve their goals. She is part of an awesome and progressive team of People Practitioners who are passionate about transformative work. She is passionate about Learning and the effects of everyday life on Mental Health. She recently concluded a successful pilot at ooba (Hypothesis of Performance Management using the principles of Neuroscience), together with her partners, she will be publishing a white-paper to share with the industry. When she is not partnering with business, Thato enjoys research on various topics, experimenting in natural cosmetics and her love affair with the ARTS. Thato holds a Business qualification from the University of Johannesburg and certifications in EDTP for Adult Learning. She is currently registered with SABPP.
Levern Ramshubby, Manager, PwC
Levern is a manager within the Advisory services business of PwC South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Honours degree in Organisational Psychology. Her experience is cross industry (Retail, Financial Services, CIPS and Public) and cross-capability. Levern specifically focuses on data led and analytical approaches which she infuses into solutions around workforce of the future, Organisational Design, Strategic Workforce Planning, Change Management, Upskilling and Business Transformation. Levern is motivated, driven and has a passion for people, business and communities.
Marthle du Plessis, Associate Director, People and Organisation Practitioner, PwC
Marthle is an Associate Director within PwC's Advisory team. She is leading the Africa Organisation Design Competency. Prior to joining PwC, Marthle held several leadership positions at Accenture which included the Lead for the SA Capability Node Analyst Group, the Management Consulting Lead for Health & Public Service in SA, the Org Design Lead for South Africa and a member of the EALA OD and H&PS Leadership teams. Marthle has significant international experience with her most recent project in France, ASIA and Europe focusing on market entry strategies. Marthle completed her Masters degree in Industrial Psychology at the North West University.

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