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Learning and Development 2020

Upskilling and adapting in a changing world


Online Conference: 1-3 September 2020
Time: 09:00-15:00 

All presentations will be recorded and made available to delegates for viewing again after the event.

We have gone through shock and change, and as with so many other industries and professions, L & D faces a challenging road ahead. We are working in unprecedented times, and have literally been shaken from our comfort zones. The crisis has forced many to suddenly go 100% virtual whether prepared or not and not many organisations have everything worked out just yet. Even prior to COVID-19, new technologies were changing the very nature of jobs, and the skills that are needed to do them, companies need to invest more in reskilling and upskilling their employees. One thing is for sure, learning cannot stop in a crisis; if anything, effective, supportive and timely interventions can become absolutely mission-critical to keep the productivity intact and assure survival. Learning leaders have been busier than ever helping their organisations navigate rapid change, minimize business disruption, mobilising to support remote learning and transition to virtual operation and at the same time help managers support their teams. Thus L & D is a critical function and the role of L &D is more important than ever by helping to accelerate an organisation’s ability to overcome challenges, drive impact and change in times of great disruption. Upskilling and reskilling are foundational priorities that will strengthen companies to help ensure they are prepared to bounce back from the chaos created by this pandemic. Leaders must ensure that employees have the right skills, with the right content at the right time to remain competitive in a changing marketplace

Organisations can no longer look at Learning and Development a dispensable or some sort of expense. No longer can organisations pump easily forgotten information into disinterested employees. Instead, organisations will need a lean team of fast, adaptable learners who can be efficient workers and empathetic team members. Through this pandemic and as we prepare for the long haul recovery (even though there might be a tight grip on budget), business survival could depend on learning. By equipping our employees with timely access to learning, we need to be enabling people to scale up their skill and knowledge to cope up with the crisis and prepare for the future.

Why attend?

  • Discover how learning can prepare for a post COVID world
  • What skills you should focus on building
  • Learn how to adapt your function to the changing world of work
  • Learn how to keep learners focused, energized, and attuned to changing needs.
  • Case studies and lessons learnt! Hear from other learning leaders and discover what they have learnt and experienced during this pandemic
  • Ensure ongoing professional development of yourself and your team


If you are in the following roles – it is critical that you are on the lookout for the latest learning trends so that you can deliver learning that measures up to today’s digital world
  • Heads of Learning and Development
  • Training Managers
  • Learning & Development Managers/Directors
  • eLearning Managers
  • Skills Development Managers
  • Facilitators, Mentors, Corporate Trainers and Coaches
  • Talent Managers
  • Organisational Capacity Managers
  • Education Managers
  • Training and Education Consultants
  • Instructional Designers
  • Chief People Officers (CPOs)/HR Directors/HR Managers
  • Change Managers
  • eLearning consultants


We know that taking a day or two away from your work can be a big commitment, which is why we want to remind you why it’s so important to keep learning during this time:
  • Stay abreast of industry and market changes: Our online conferences will give you the opportunity to hear how other organisations are managing the impact of COVID-19. You’ll learn what is working for them, what is not and why.

  • Unlock innovative solutions: Hear case studies from leading local and international organisations and discover new solutions to some of your most immediate challenges right now.

  • Explore new ways of working: Get practical information from experts that is specific to your organisation. Our online conferences explore new ideas to improve your L&D approach during difficult times. We cut through the clutter available online and deliver authentic, high-level content specific to your organisation.

  • Break out of your comfort zone: Breaking out of your comfort zone is just the type of action required right now to discard traditional ways of thinking and create new mindsets for a changed world of work.

  • Cost effective and saving time! By attending an online conference, you will save on travel expenses, time, accommodation, and more. Our online conferences are hosted on efficient online platforms with easy access at a much lower investment as with physical conferences; and we are able to extend this saving to you.

  • Learn at your own pace. Our online conferences are recorded and available to all paid customers after the conference. You can now download the full conference and refer to the presentations in your own time, at your own pace.

  • Meet a global audience: Connect with a larger and more international audience, many whom you’d never be able to meet at a physical conference. The wide range of perspectives that come up during question session will explore even more possibilities.

  • Connect with potential clients: Network and connect with executive leaders and decision makers. With nearly three decades of experience and a reputation for providing service of uncompromising quality with exceptional passion, our online conferences attract many executive leaders and decision makers in business today.

With flexible options to suit your diary and pocket, the conference will be held over THREE days 1-3 September. Pop in and out - you won’t miss a thing as the sessions will be recorded. Don’t forget KR Learning and Development Community members receive a 20% discount.

For more information and to book your seat contact Debbie Atwell on +27 83 651 1664 or

Conference Programme


Welcome by Linda van der Loo, Executive Partner Learning Innovation, Blue Pebble Consulting


Lead and transform with learning

10 Minute Q & A


The next normal: How L & D can bring businesses back to life| Discussion

Panel includes:

Monique Walters, Head of People, Ericsson
Melaney Cromhout, Learning Manager, Old Mutual
Trishana Maharaj, HR and Safety Director, G4S

  • The critical role that L &D played to help business during the crisis
  • New learning practices of L & D to keep employees safe and productive (communication, compliance and cross training, re-boarding etc.)
  • How L &D can help people adapt to the ‘new normal ’and prepare for the uncertainty ahead
  • What we learnt?  What worked, what didn’t and what we will do differently next time. What practices will we keep and what will we ‘throw away’?

10 Minute Q & A


How learning is critical to innovative companies (Case Study)

10 Minute Q & A

11:00–11:20 Morning break




Disruptive thinking:  how to rapidly build mindsets and skills for a world in flux (8 C’s)

Debbie Craig, MD, Catalyst Consulting (Author of I am Talent)

The world of work is changing exponentially as rapid technological innovation and global forces are compelling businesses to disrupt traditional industry models and adopt new digital strategies and skills to compete.  We need people who are intensely curious, originally creative, courageously committed, consciously choosing, critical thinkers, trust building collaborators, change navigators and generous community contributors.
In this session Debbie will explore how to use latest brain and behavioural science to rapidly build the mindsets and habits required across these 8 capabilities. Result: personal and organisational capability of resilient, relevant change navigators.

10 Minute Q & A


Agile methodologies to create responsive learning solutions

Angie Doyle,
Partner, Agile Coach, Facilitator and Trainer, Think Agile
Bevan Williams, Agile Coach and Trainer, Think Agile

Agile working represents a real opportunity for L &D to deeply embed learning opportunities in the organisation and creating a positive learning culture.

  • The influential role of L & D in building agile business
  • Implementing agile in learning design
  • Impediments to adopting and scaling agile in L & D
  • Agile inside-out (L &D becoming more user-centric)

10 Minute Q & A


Discussion| The future of leadership development in a post COVID world: how should leadership development change? 

Shayne Weideman,
Head of Leadership Effectiveness, Standard Bank Group
Dwayne Leonard, Head of Leadership Development, Sasol

The pandemic has halted leadership development as we know it.  For a while businesses have talked about how traditional leadership programmes are not adequate to prepare executives for the challenges of the world.  In this session we will look how leadership and executive development need to change, how should business schools respond and the opportunities to share the new future of leadership development

13:30–14:15 Lunch break


Ready or not, it’s here: Adopting winning learning strategies in a #SuddenlyRemote World

Dr Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni, Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent, Absa

10 Minute Q & A


Developing soft skills in virtual environment | EY case study

Jenny Greyling,
Africa Talent Development and Learning Leader, EY

10 Minute Q & A


Wrap up for Day-1




Welcome back


Learning and Development’s crucial role in digital transformation

10 Minutes Q & A


Digital Fitness: the PwC expander app

Christian Scharff,
Partner, PwC (Luxembourg)

There is a definite gap in the digital skills that people have vs what companies need
PwC Luxembourg developed the first operational upskilling solution and supporting platform. It allows for the strategizing, assessing, guiding and training of employees of companies of all sizes whose activities are transforming towards a new organisation, new functions and new jobs. Christian will talk about their highly innovative solution -  tackling the challenging match of job transformation at company, employee and market level.
They support a market-driven approach in which the final objective is to place the right person in the right position, equipped with the right training in a compressed period of time.

10 Minutes Q & A

10:30–10:50 Morning break




Closing the gap:  reskilling for future skills

Linda van der Loo,
Executive Partner Learning Innovation, Blue Pebble Consulting

The COVID pandemic has provided us with a perfect opportunity to relook at how learning is both designed and delivered.  In line with global learning trends, that indicate targeted reskilling, and upskilling initiatives are going to give organisations a clear competitive advantage. Linda will share a case study and examples to close the reskilling gap using a “lite” Design Thinking approach and process that aligns to learning best practice and learning innovation.

10 Minutes Q & A


Online learner fatigue and motivation: Creating new digital learning experiences

Like many learning professionals, you may have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by quickly converting your most important instructor-led programs for virtual delivery. But now we’re a couple months into the new world and are confronted with employees where too many things are competing for their attention. Not only do have to deal with the challenges of digital learning and what is known as zoom fatigue, but also help our colleagues to deal with the consequences of this pandemic on a personal and professional level. In this session we will make sense of  the digital learning experience challenge by examining:

  • What do we know about human motivation in a digital world and how can that be leveraged to create engaging learning experiences
  • What can we learn from our colleagues in marketing and sales
  • How to create awesome digital learning experiences that addresses both business and participant expectations (toolkit included)
  • How to “sell” and “market” our awesome experiences

Dr Letitia van der Merwe, Managing Director, InavitQ Learning (Author of Learning in a Disruptive Age)

10 Minutes Q & A


Unlocking full potential: Using mobile, AR and VR to empower staff in real time

Mabore Sithole,
Head: HRD and Transformation, Anglo American Platinum

10 Minutes Q & A

13:00–13:45 Lunch break


Coping mechanisms for L & D: strategies to turn a crisis into an opportunity and develop resilience and grit

Dr Jopie de Beer, CEO, JvR Africa Group

10 Minutes Q & A


Discussion| The impact of COVID-19 on skills and training

Nazrene Suleman,
Executive Director, GAN (Switzerland)
Melody Xaba, Co-Founder #Myfuturework and MICT-SETA 4IR Committee Member(named Mail & Guardian Young 200 in 2019)

In this discussion we will look at the rising unemployment, new emerging , the need for change within the SETAs, the growth of gig economy, how individuals are becoming more responsible for their own learning, relooking at the National Skills Development plan and more.

10 Minutes Q & A




Welcome back


Netcare Group Case Study|  Learning and Development as a critical partner during the pandemic: strategies and out-of-the box approaches implemented

Sanjay Khoosal, Head: People Development and Workplace Diversity and Toy Vermaak, Netcare Education Manager: Faculty of Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare

10 Minutes Q & A


How can the L & D function and Learning Leader remain relevant in the midst of exponential change and uncertainty

Mashumi Tutu, Head of Learning and Development, Santam

The most senior executives (including yourself) are often left behind with their own development.  How do you continue to develop yourself (and your L&D team) to ensure you continue to remain relevant and add value to the business? What capability and skills are required now and in the future?

10 Minutes Q & A

10:30–10:50 Morning break


Leading in times of crisis- amending learning programmes for leaders across the organisation (Metropolitan Momentum case study)

Chantel van der Westhuizen,
Chief Learning Officer, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings

10 Minutes Q & A


Broadening the role of Learning and Development: delivering more than training programmes (Clicks case study)

Alphonso Malgas,
Manager: Learning and Development, Clicks Group

10 Minutes Q & A

12:00–12:45 Lunch break


The new ATD Capability Model: Unleashing personal, organisational and professional capability

Stuart Woolmington, CEO, WinWin International

  • What is Immersive Learning?
  • How is Immersive Learning different in Offline or Online requirements?
  • Breakdown immersive learning tools and where to use them.
  • Identifying the need for immersive Learning
  • How to prepare content for immersive learning.
  • How immersive learning tools will interact with 4IR.
We will use various client examples that cover mining, manufacturing, FMCG, Oil &Gas etc. These examples will come from real African needs and include clients such as  ABInBev, PepsiCo, Exxaro, OLA Energy, CCBA, Illovo.

10 Minutes Q & A


Unleashing personal, organisational and professional capability:  A blue print for impact

Major societal forces and business changes require talent and learning development professionals across all industries to adopt new approaches and upgrade skills to keep pace and grow. Learning professionals must be agile and committed to continual development to successfully create, innovate, lead, manage change, and demonstrate impactThe new ATD Capability Model, is a powerful framework to guide the profession in what practitioners need to know and do to develop themselves, others, and their organisations.

Nelson Santiago,
Talent Development Lead, ATD (Association for Talent Development)

10 Minutes Q & A


The implications of the new ATD Capability Model for the South African L & D profession

10 Minutes Q & A

14:50 Wrap up and close of conference - Thank you


Dr Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni, Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent, Absa
Dr Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni’s mission is to create socio-economic impact and transform Africa’s unrealised potential through liberating leadership greatness in individuals, teams and organisations. She exists to inspire and empower. She lives her mission through coaching, performance consulting, strategic facilitation, speaking and in her current role as Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent for the Absa banking Group. Thokozile’s brilliance lies in her ability to drive vision with execution excellence across an organization and ‘through’ levels. She combines analytical rigour and insights from scientific training (PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Cape Town) with accelerated consulting capabilities (McKinsey & Company) and experience in blue chip corporates (Novartis, Discovery Limited, Absa) to deliver game changing performance in individuals, teams and organisations across Africa. She also trained as an ontological coach with the Newfield Network.
Bevan Williams: Agile Coach and Trainer, Think Agile
Bevan has been an IT professional since 2009 and is currently an Agile Coach & Trainer at Think Agile. He has previously worked as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, and Manager for a team of developers across Cape Town and Taipei. He is passionate about coaching, enabling, and leading people to do their best work, focussing on personal, career ,and organizational growth
Christian Scharff, Partner, PwC Luxembourg People & Organisation HR Technology Leader
Christian Scharff is a Partner at PwC Luxembourg, leading the People & Organisation practice. He coordinates EMEA HR Technology activities and advises companies in Europe on technology and its consequence to human resource management. He is a recognised expert in the deployment of major HR ERP systems like Workday and SuccessFactors, and has worked on projects related to Rifkin’s 3rd Industrial Revolution (Luxembourg government (, revamping university business plans (Advisory Board Member, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI [Moscow Engineering Physics Institute]), and supporting organisational CSR journeys (Inspiring More Sustainability Luxembourg ( & Luxembourg Diversity Charter ( With his colleague Laurent, he created the Luxembourg upskilling programme and co-leads its international deployment. Christian holds a degree in HR Management from HEC Saint Louis (Brussels) and a postgraduate degree in management from the Solvay (Brussels) Business School. He attended the Advanced Management Programme (INSEAD, Fontainebleau).
Angie Doyle, Partner, Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Think Agile
Angie specialises in high performance team coaching and trains courses focusing on Scrum and Agile fundamentals, practical Product Ownership, Visual Thinking, Agile Facilitation, Agile Business Analysis, Team Intelligence, Agile Leadership, as well as Scaled Agile. Prior to joining Think Agile, Angie was an Associate Partner at IQ Business, Board Member at IIBA (non-profit) and Board member at Alliance Agile. She is ICAgile certified in Agile coaching and Agile team facilitation
Dr Jopie de Beer, CEO, JvR Africa Group
Jopie de Beer is one of the founders and currently the CEO of the JvR Africa Group of Companies. Established in 1994, the business entities in the JvR Africa Group have grown to include exceptional client solutions with regard to talent assessment and development. With a focus on the constructive use of assessment data and metrics, excellent client service, technology and innovation, the companies have built a recognised and respected brand for highly professional and trustworthy people solutions in Africa. Jopie is a psychologist with many years of experience. She relies on an excellent team of professionals, who share her passion, drive and vision for every person to be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.
Trishana Maharaj, HR and Health and Safety Director, G4S
Trishana has worked across all major industries (mining, consulting, banking, FMCG, products and services and technology) covering the full value chain of HR practices such as on boarding, recruitment, strategic business partnering, EVP development, talent management, change management and business transformation, HR process engineering and efficiencies. She is currently the HR leader for the largest employer in Africa with a team of close to 270 HR professionals overlooking the HR strategy and operations, servicing and supporting over 110 000 employees across 27 countries in Africa. Prior to joining G4S in 2018, Trishana was HR Director for Colgate-Palmolive and for Philips SA. She has also worked at Barclays, Unilever and Deloitte
Dr Letitia van der Merwe, Managing Director, InavitQ Learning (Author of Learning in a Disruptive Age
Dr Letitia van der Merwe is the Managing Director of inavit iQ learning. Her areas of specific expertise include learning and development, leadership, customer centricity and project management. Her career encompasses experiences from a wide range of Leadership, Human Resources and Organisational Development projects and interventions in the private and public sector as well as in the world of consulting. She is the co-author of Learning in a Disruptive Age

Chantel van der Westhuizen, Chief Learning Officer, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings
Chantel has been the Chief Learning Officer at Momentum Metropolitan for nearly three years. Prior to this she was the Head of Learning and Development at Nedbank for 17 years. With a passion for people development, Chantel has more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles. Chantel holds a Masters in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg.
Monique Walters, Head of People, Ericsson
Monique is a senior Human Resources Leader with deep specializations in organization strategy, performance management, learning and development, talent management and business improvement. Monique has successfully worked with - and delivered projects at Global Executive level. Before moving to head up HR at Ericsson, Monique was the head of Learning for more than 8 Years at Ericsson. She has extensive Human Resources and Business Development experience (both corporate and as an Independent Consultant) across a variety of business sectors in South Africa and in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Monique is the Head of HR South Africa and Strategic HR Business Partner to the Managed Services and the MTN Customer Unit for Ericsson Middle-East and Africa Market Area. She leads a team of HR professionals across both the functional and geographical dimensions within the global setting. She is responsible for Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition and Total Rewards for more than 3800 employees across 40 countries. She is tasked to lead and drive strategic change, employee engagement and competence development initiatives that enable maximum business performance and growth for Ericsson.
Debbie Craig, MD, Catalyst Consulting (Author of I am Talent)
Debbie is the founder of Catalyst Consulting. Debbie has over 20 years’ experience in the field of strategy, leadership development, change management, talent management, high performance teams and organisational development. Her passion is transformation and empowerment. She has worked and consulted at leading local and global organisations in the private and public sector throughout Southern Africa and internationally. Debbie is also a passionate adventurer having travelled to more than 60 countries, hiked to Machu Pichu, Kilimajaro and Everest Base Camp, had over 60 swims with dolphins, over 5 trips to India to explore her inner world, facilitated over 50 personal transformational workshops, facilitated business workshops with people from over 30 countries in 5 continents, written 3 books, guardian mom to 3 kids and step mom to 2 kids. She holds a B.Comm, an MBA and is a qualified NLP practitioner, process facilitator, game ranger, reflexologist and Reiki Master. She is the author of I am Talent, Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results and is currently finalising a new title focusing on how to rapidly build mindsets and skills for a world in flux
Mashumi Tutu, Head of Learning and Development, Santam
Mashumi is the Head of Learning at Santam Insurance. He has more than 18 years combined experience in designing integrated leadership and talent development strategies for multinational organizations, with a focus on turning strategic intent into action. He also brings knowledge and expertise in executing learning and development, organizational development and change management initiatives. Prior to joining Santam, Mashumi worked at Edcon for 8 years where he was the Executive manager: Learning and Organisational Effectiveness, as well as was with the Pioneer Group as the Group Learning Manager. He has a Masters degree from UNISA
Linda van der Loo, Executive Partner Learning Innovation, Blue Pebble Consulting
Linda is a well-respected seasoned learning executive and thought leader with over 20 years’ experience in the learning, eLearning and digital technology space in SA and Africa. Throughout her career, Linda has been a natural learning innovator in the digital learning space constantly challenging the traditional learning thinking and way of doing. After 5 years Linda recently left her role as the Group Head of Learning for Standard Bank, a role which also included learning technology, solutions, assurance and innovation portfolios. Linda has made a conscious decision to take some much needed time out from the corporate world and have a career break to invest more time in herself and her future skills. Linda believes that L&D, as we know it will fundamentally need to be “reimagined” in order to deliver at the

Nazrene Mannie, Executive Director, GAN (Switzerland)
Nazrene Mannie, the executive director of GAN Global is a specialist in the field of social policy focusing on youth employment and skills development. She has been appointed as an International Gender Champion and has worked closely with organizations such as the Global Alliance for Youth, private sector companies, and international development entities such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the World Economic Forum to drive forward the agenda for agile workforce development within the context of the future of work. She has worked for a range of key multi-sector organisations in South Africa and has engaged in several international projects including working with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) on Standards Setting in the social policy and labour environment. Nazrene has been involved in skills development and VET projects with multiple international organisations including, but not limited to, the European Union, GIZ, African Union and the British Council. Ms Mannie has worked closely on a range of instruments within the social policy context including ILO work on Jobs and Skills Mismatch, the development of the convention on the Eradication of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work and participated in the 2019 ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work. Nazrene has managed large donor funded programmes including the Beyond Advocacy Fund (BAF) a business led programme, funded jointly by business in South Africa and USAID to create systemic impact in the areas of Youth Employability, Support to small and medium enterprises, Education development and Infrastructure support. Nazrene is an experienced Director having held multiple board roles in South Africa.

Melody Xaba , Co-Founder, #MyFutureWork and MICT-SETA 4IR Committee Member(named Mail & Guardian Young 200 in 2019)
Melody is strongly passionate and committed to upskilling and reskilling the African workforce for the digital age. She's a member of the MICT-SETA 4IR Committee, Labour Stream and was named Mail & Guardian Young 200 2019; won a Veuve Cliquot Elle Boss Award in 2018 and awarded the Henley Business School Johnny Clegg MBA Scholarship in 2018. After a decade as a TV producer and format developer working for flagship and award-winning shows she decided to expand her creativity beyond the media industry.

Dwayne Leonard, Head of Leadership Development, Sasol
Dwayne has been with Sasol for 17 years. He currently heads up Leadership development. he purpose of my role is to identify and address Leadership development needs of Sasol leaders ranging from Frontline leaders through to Executives. My role requires I provide thought leadership regarding development interventions for Sasol leaders which will range from individually tailored solutions to corporate programs. All leadership interventions are aligned to Business and Strategy requirements, core leadership capabilities, Sasol leadership style, Sasol values and the Aspirational Culture. He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg.

Jenny Greyling, Africa Talent Development and Learning Leader, EY
Jenny is responsible for the deployment of Learning and Development and Talent Management for the Africa Region for EY. She is passionate about the development of people through world class learning programs and supported by focused experiences and coaching. She has worked at EY across the world for the past 24 years in various roles. Jenny has vast experience in career management, development of high potentials, development centres, facilitation, coaching and mentoring programs, as well as change management programs. She is a registered Chartered Accountant (CA) and also has a Master’s degree from UJ

Mabore Sithole, Head: HRD and Transformation, Anglo American Platinum
Mabore heads up HRD and Transformation at Anglo American Platinum. An experienced HR leader who worked within a number of industries, including Mining, financial services, public service, non-profit and engineering. Prior to joining Anglo she was the Executive Head of HR at Fraser Alexander, HR Director at Otis, and Group Head of Learning at Sasol to name a few. She has an honours degree in HR from the University of Johannesburg.

Trishana Maharaj, HR and Safety Director, G4S
Trishana has worked across all major industries (mining, consulting, banking, FMCG, products and services and technology) covering the full value chain of HR practices such as on boarding, recruitment, strategic business partnering, EVP development, talent management, change management and business transformation, HR process engineering and efficiencies. She is currently the HR leader for the largest employer in Africa with a team of close to 270 HR professionals overlooking the HR strategy and operations, servicing and supporting over 110 000 employees across 27 countries in Africa. Prior to joining G4S in 2018, Trishana was HR Director for Colgate-Palmolive and for Philips SA. She has also worked at Barclays, Unilever and Deloitte.

Alphonso Malgas, Manager: Learning and Development, Clicks Group
Alphonso is a pharmacist by training, and a people developer at heart. He is currently manages learning at the Clicks Group. His career journey has taken him to exciting places including HIV research, retail operations, training and development and management coaching. Regardless of his formal role, helping others excel has always been at the centre of his being. Alphonso has a Bachelors in Pharmacy from UWC and an MPhil from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Melaney Cromhout, Learning Manager, Old Mutual
With more than 20 years of L & D experience, Melaney manages Old Mutual’ s learning practice in respect of Executive Leadership Development, Accelerated Leadership Development, Leadership and Management skills as well as Behavioural Skills . She is also responsible for targeted leadership and talent development for identified successors to build bench strength. Her key focus and expertise in her current role at Old Mutual is in learning strategy design, Learning programme design and development utilising a variety of methods and media; the use of technology to enable social learning; management of Skills Development and Learnership teams of Old Mutual, Consulting and advising on learning/development actions/initiatives, and managing learning and operations teams to name a few.

Nelson Santiago, Talent Development Lead, ATD (Association for Talent Development)
Nelson Santiago is a talent development professional with more than 22 years of experience in the L&D industry. He currently serves as the regional manager for the Americas, Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa at the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Prior to serving in this role, he was a staff master facilitator for the education department delivering ATD certificate programs globally. He now manages ATD global initiatives in more than 80 countries, develops and supports member networking programs, and facilitates the exchange of knowledge among the global talent development community. He supports professionals around the world to share regional best practices, conducts global benchmarking, and discusses cross-cultural and global talent development challenges. He creates and fosters strategic partnerships with global organizations to leverage their existing learning and talent development networks. Santiago has published several articles in TD magazine and has spoken at conferences and workshops globally.

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