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HR Leader Summit

Navigating COVID-19 and the new world of work


Two-day Online Conference: 23-24 June 2020
Time: 09:00-15:00 

All presentations will be recorded and made available to delegates for viewing again after the event.

In a world where everything is unpredictable, fast and questionable - companies around the world are in crisis mode. The future of work and the role of HR will never be the same. As COVID-19 is fundamentally a people-based crisis, the role of the HR function and HR leader has never been more important. This pandemic has shown leaders how critical it is to be understanding, caring, embrace our humanity and really prioritise the "human" in HR.

Effective people-centric solutions can play a big part in helping individual companies find their way out of the crisis. HR leaders are tasked to drive business continuity by helping employees feel comfortable and safe while ensuring that work continues. For years HR wanted a seat at the proverbial table, now they have it in a big way and good leaders will stand out and poor ones will stand out even more! This crisis will "make or break" a lot of heads of HR.

HR leaders have to be therapists, counselors and strategists – without necessarily having all the answers themselves. Where daily if not hourly, conversations with the CEO and other senior leaders include how to best navigate a situation that no one could have fathomed. As HR leaders help CEOs oversee their remote workforce and develop return-to-work plans for when the economy reboots, they need to help keep anxiety-ridden employees informed about what’s happening with the company and up to date on the resources — financial and medical — that can help them stay calm and productive. One of the biggest challenges being faced during this crisis is maintaining employee morale and helping them manage increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Working from home with a spouse doing the same, while also trying to help kids with online classes, is a recipe for stress and mental exhaustion.

The online HR Leader Summit taking place 23-24 June will provide a platform for HR leaders who need advice, reassurance or answers to challenges they face during the crisis.

By attending you will learn:

  • How HR should support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What other organisations have faced and how they have responded.
  • Insights into what worked for other organisations, what didn’t and why.
  • How to navigate the changing workforce and what the world of work may look like going forward.
  • How to lead through uncertainty.
  • Strategies to help employees feel safe, develop resilience, and address health and wellbeing issues (mental, physical financial, etc.).
  • Practical ways to keep remote workers engaged and connected.
  • The latest IR/ER implications of COVID-19.
  • And more!


DAY ONE • 23 JUNE 2020
09:30–09:10 Welcome | Wilhelm Crous, Managing Director, KR


An unprecedented crisis: the economic implications of COVID-19
Busisiwe Mavuso, CEO Business Leadership SA

  • Industries mostly affected, industries least affected
  • How deep is the recession?
  • The impact of economic stimulus plan
  • The outlook for immediate future and also for 2020
  • The new normal – what do you expect from government, business and unions past COVID-19 lockdown
  • The expected unemployment levels

10 Minute Q & A


Strategic HR during a pandemic | Case studies
Vinolia Singh, Chief People Officer, Adcorp Group
Celeste Van Harten, Chief People Officer, Travelstart

  • What we focused on through the crisis?
  • What is happening now and plans for the immediate future and beyond
  • What worked? What didn’t? Lesson learnt

10 Minute Q & A

10:10–10:30 Morning break


Managing uncertainty, complexity and chaos in a crisis vortex
Sonja Blignaut, Founder, More Beyond

In the “here-and-now” experience of everyday life, situations emerge and evolve from moment to moment. What will happen next is inherently uncertain and unpredictable. For us not to become paralysed, we need to be able to make sense of what we are facing, and then have the courage to maintain momentum and not get stuck when we don’t know.

10 Minute Q & A


Leadership in tough times: The new leadership agenda during the COVID-19 crisis
Charles du Toit,
Charles du Toit and Associates (Author of On boarding: Strategies for getting employees up to speed faster)

A crisis is the ultimate test of leadership. Guiding people through uncertainty and into the new reality requires credible, authentic and capable Leadership.   Throughout this pandemic, we’ve witnessed certain leadership traits and approaches that may have made the difference between life and death. Right now, employees are asking tough questions that leaders cannot necessarily answer. So in a world where everything is unpredictable, everything is faster and everything is questionable, organisations will not only different leaders, but also a whole new style of leadership.  In this session, the speaker will address the challenges facing leaders during COVID-19, and offers leaders practical strategies to help them cope with the current and future effects of this crisis.

10 Minute Q & A


The critical role of the HR leader now and in the future| Discussion session
Pearl Maphoshe,
Human Capital Executive
Brigitte Da Gama, Chief People Officer, McDonald’s SA

This pandemic has thrust the HR Leader in the spotlight, quickly elevating the role to the most important function in the organisation.  They’re the ones helping to keep anxiety-ridden employees informed about what’s happening with the company and up to date on the resources — financial and medical — that can help them stay calm and productive

  • How has the role changed and what will the HR leader look like post COVID.
  • Will HR continue in its current form?
  • How will HR have to change?

10 Minute Q & A


Remote work challenges for HR: Lessons learnt working remotely
Dr Roze Phillips, Group Executive: People and  Culture, Absa Bank

The crisis is forcing almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures. HR will have to collaborate with Finance, IT ad other departments to develop and implement new rules. 

  • What works? What doesn’t?
  • Is remote work here to stay?
  • Future plans
  • Looking at a blended approach
  • How must HR adapt (how must job descriptions change, talent acquisition and development, translating new work rules and policies etc.)

10 Minute Q & A

12:40–13:10 Lunch break


Remuneration and benefits – implications and new trends emerging
Mark Bussin, Author, Member on Boards and Chairman, 21st Century

  • Are we heading for more equality?
  • What will happen to executive remuneration?
  • Pay for performance
  • Should targets (e.g. sales targets) be re-negotiated?
  • Job evaluation - is it still relevant in remote work? How to do an accurate job evaluation in the ‘new normal’ scenario?

10 Minute Q & A


Mental health and wellness in the workplace: fostering grit, resilience and hope during a pandemic
Jopie de Beer, CEO, JvR Group

As the working world adapts to a new normal, caring for employee mental health should be top priority for business leaders.

  • How to manage and promote employee wellbeing throughout your organisation in this unprecedented situation
  • Rethinking approaches to workplace mental health programmes during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Creating a virtual culture of care for employees
  • Mitigating the toxic effects of lockdown - ways to protect employees’ mental health during this vortex.
  • Plan for resilience – finding hope and resilience during this crisis and how to bounce back when the pandemic is over.

10 Minute Q & A


Creating and sustaining connection from the inside out: Self-care for HR during COVID and ensuring ongoing development of yourself and your HR team
Andi Liba
, Country HR Lead, Cisco (Voted Number 1, 2019 World’s Best Place to Work)

It is no surprise that HR professionals are currently some of the most stressed professionals in the workplace.  Organisations are asking HR to provide even more support and leadership during an unprecedented public health crisis.  Without proper self-care and stress management, the chances of burnout and more severe consequences among HR professionals are high.

    • Care and coping mechanisms for HR Leaders
    • Guarding against burnout, isolation etc.

 10 Minute Q & A


Wrap up for Day-1


DAY TWO • 24 JUNE 2020


Welcome back


How can HR create Adaptive organisations?
Marianne Roux, Consulting Director, Professor of Practice, Roux Consulting (Australia)

  • How to build an organisation that is resilient and sustainable.
  • Understand what should be stable and what should be dynamic in adaptive organisations.
  • Leverage and build HR capability
  • Utilise design thinking, insights and data
  • Increase transparency, cross-functional work and shared responsibilities.
  • Accommodate changing jobs, skills, rewards and careers.

10 Minutes Q & A


The world after COVID-19
Dr Morne Mostert, Director, Institute for Futures Research (IFR at the University of Stellenbosch Business School)

  • Societal Impact
  • Priorities for Government and Business
  • Combatting the impact of inequality
  • New form of capitalism
  • What ‘recovery’ looks like
  • Preparing for the worst case scenario (e.g. resurgence)

10 Minutes Q & A

10:10–10:20 Morning break


COVID-19 will impact employers: How bad can things get?
Dhevarsha Ramjettan,  Partner, Webber Wentzel

This session will focus on the changing IR/ER environment – new realities, new challenges and new approaches. 

  • Learn about the impact of current labour trends on business and future business sustainability
  • Find out how to foster IR/ER relationships in an environment of restructuring that leads to retrenchments
  • Get insights on the role of line managers in employee relations
  • Learn how to protect your business and avoid costly legal battles

10 Minutes Q & A


Financial wellness:  reducing stress and improving performance
Viresh Maharaj, Managing Executive: Corporate Distribution, Sanlam

The epidemic of financial stress amongst South Africa’s was very common even prior to COVID.  During this time, a lot of workers are more concerned about their finances than they are about mental or physical health, with many and looking to their employers for help. Employers have an opportunity to be a source of support for employees facing unprecedented challenges by offering tools and resources to address their immediate concerns.

  • Financial literacy during the pandemic
  • How you can help employees protect their financial well-being during and after the COVID-19
  • Implementing support structures

10 Minutes Q & A


Maintaining and strengthening your company culture during times of severe disruption
Njabulo Mashigo, HR Director, Talent Management Lead: Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe, Heineken

A strong, consistent culture is not easy to create during "normal" work circumstances let alone during tough times.  It is difficult to put culture at the top your priority list while you are putting out fires every day. But, if anything, culture is even more important now and can hold your organisation together over the long term.  But how do you remain connected when most of the workforce is dispersed.

  • What can managers and leaders do? 
  • Maintaining company culture in remote teams
  • Building an adaptive culture during difficult times

10 Minutes Q & A

12:00–12:30 Lunch break


Why Agile is key to getting us through the crisis: lessons from Agile for HR today and tomorrow
Angie Doyle, Partner, Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Think Agile

Agile has significant benefits at any time, but these are especially impactful during this period of great uncertainty. This session will look at Agile and what it can teach us about how to work most effectively when we’re working differently. 

Have you wondered why Agile companies consistently outperform their competition in times of extreme uncertainty? At their core is a set of 4 essential elements known as the Heart of Agile: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. In this session, Angie will discuss practical ways to apply these essential elements to Human Resources (in Recruitment, Rewards and incentives, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, People Management). 

10 Minutes Q & A


Strengthening the employee experience during difficult times
Dvorah Stein, Coaching, Culture and Leadership Specialist, The Hive
Andy Golding, Co-Founder and Employee Experience Specialist, Still Human

  • How COVID  is impacting the employee experience
  • Leading remote teams - how to keep experience at the centre
  • How will these current disruptions affect employee experiences in the future?
  • How to create a powerful experience during COVID
  • Measuring the real employee experience in a crisis

10 Minutes Q & A

13:30–13:45 Quick break


Redefining communication amid unprecedented times: How HR should take the lead on COVID-19 communications
Janine Hills, Founder and CEO, Authentic Leadership

In times of crisis, communication is critical and should be driven from the top.  It is best to over communicate and provide consistent communication as opposed to remaining silent and unseen.  Even if COVID-19 is all over the media, it doesn't mean that all employees have the latest information especially with all the fake news.  Employees also want to know how they will keep the workplace safe and how the business is faring during these difficult times. 

  • Crisis communication – lessons learnt from a pandemic
  • Tips for leaders - what to say, what not to say!
  • What to do after the  crisis

10 Minutes Q & A


Leading through COVID- A Talent Management perspective
Sanjana Joshua, Group Talent and Learning Executive, Old Mutual Limited

How will COVID-19 change the talent landscape and what we can do about it? For years, adaptability has become a benchmark for organisations and individuals to aspire to in an attempt to buffer themselves from the pace of change wrought by the 4th industrial revolution. Those discussions seem somewhat quaint given the change we're expecting of people and organisations today, yet we are changing.  Understanding this change impact on current and future Talent strategies is imperative for organisational sustainability and success. 

10 MinutesQ & A


Learning and development in a crisis: The challenge of re-focusing and reskilling at speed: ensuring your people have the skills for what’s next
Lori Kasselman, Executive Head: Learning and Development, Vodacom

Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them. Now is the time for companies to double down on their learning budgets and commit to reskilling. Developing this muscle will also strengthen companies for future disruptions. To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now.

  • New skills for the ‘distance economy’
  • Steps to reskilling
  • Reskilling and upskilling at scale
  • Closing skills gaps

10 Minutes Q & A

15:10 Wrap up, close and thank you


Brigitte Da Gama,Chief People’s Officer at McDonald’s South Africa
Brigitte Da Gama is the Chief People Officer at McDonald’s South Africa. She has over two and a half decades of experience in the Human Capital field and has worked in the higher education, IT, investment management, banking and hospitality sectors. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from the University of Cape Town as well as an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch. She previously served on the Council of the University of Cape Town and was the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for a non-profit training and development company for seven years that serves impoverished farming and rural communities.
Viresh Maharaj, Managing Executive: Corporate Distribution, Sanlam
Viresh has spent the past decade in Employee Benefits focusing on adding value to clients’ lives via roles in product development, actuarial management and client engagement. He is the Managing Executive of the Sanlam Corporate Distribution unit and acts as the owner of the Sanlam Benchmark research. He has used these platforms to draw attention to the needs of employees and the potential that their employers possess to enable financial resilience and prosperity for them. Viresh is an actuary and Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. In addition, he holds an MBA obtained with distinction from the UCT GSB.
Busisiwe Mavuso, CEO, Business Leadership SA
Busisiwe is a chartered certified accountant and holds a master’s degree in business leadership, a postgraduate qualification in management from GIBS and a B.Compt in accounting from UNISA. She is an executive director and the chief executive officer at Business Leadership South Africa; an independent association of the leaders of some of South Africa’s biggest and most well-known organisations and a forum for engaging key players, including civil society and labour, to exchange ideas in the national interest, and to create effective dialogue with government and other stakeholders. Busi is also a non-executive director on the board of Eskom; Business Unity South Africa; Resultant Finance (a PIC investee company); and serves on the advisory committee on finance and procurement at the University of Fort Hare.
Dr Charles du Toit, CEO, Charles du Toit and Associates (Author of On boarding: Strategies for getting employees up to speed faster)
Prior to his current role as the CEO of Dr Charles du Toit and Associates, a niche Leadership and HR consultancy, Dr Charles du Toit was the HR Director of Eveready in South Africa for 16 years. Today he provides leadership development solutions, training and strategic support to a wide range of significant corporations and several Business Schools. He is also the founder and chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Bay HR Forum. Charles currently holds a PhD in Leadership through Change from the University of Johannesburg.
Professor Mark Bussin, Author, Member of Boards and Chairperson, 21st Century Pay Solutions
Professor Mark Bussin who has written 10 books on Reward, Talent, OD and Performance Management, is Chairman of 21st Century, Professor at University of Johannesburg, UCT, GIBS and Professor Extraordinaire at North West University. He has held senior executive positions in 3 multinational companies. He sits on and chairs numerous Boards, Audit and Remuneration committees in government, state owned companies and private companies – an excellent working knowledge of all industries.
Janine Hills, Founder and CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership and Founder of Vuma Reputation Management
Janine Hills is the Founder and CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership and Founder of Vuma Reputation Management. Janine’s extensive business knowledge, skill and intricate understanding of reputation management are the outcome of over 38 years of experience across various sectors of industry. She has 10 years of experience within the hospitality industry having worked for Southern Sun and Sun International. She has also worked at Vodacom and Primovie (a division of Primedia) and has sat on the boards of Kaizer Chiefs, Ster-Kinekor Home Entertainment and Ster-Kinekor Licensing. Janine was a former head of group communications for First National Bank’s (FNB) internal and external communications division, she was a founding member and part of the iconic team that drove and built the innovation of FNB’s eBucks and FirstRand Group. She was extensively involved in the formulation and the implementation of the multi-brand strategy, internal communications and e-commerce initiatives of the financial services group. She also sits on a number of boards.
Dr Jopie de Beer, CEO, JvR Group
Jopie de Beer is one of the founders and currently the CEO of the JvR Africa Group of Companies. Established in 1994, the business entities in the JvR Africa Group have grown to include exceptional client solutions with regard to talent assessment and development. With a focus on the constructive use of assessment data and metrics, excellent client service, technology and innovation, the companies have built a recognised and respected brand for highly professional and trustworthy people solutions in Africa. Jopie is a psychologist with many years of experience. She relies on an excellent team of professionals, who share her passion, drive and vision for every person to be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.
Andi Liba, Country HR Lead, Cisco (Voted Number 1, 2019 World’s Best Place to Work)
Andisa heads up HR at Cisco SA. Andi brings an ability to strengthen the link between people and strategy as well as manage, motivate and retain people resources. Andi has extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including policy design, compensation, performance management, recruiting, compliance reporting, HRIS implementations, HR workflow development, training and development, and benefits administration. Andi has experience in various industries including professional services, technology, corporate investment banking and insurance. She serves as a guest lecture at Wits Arts School quarterly speaking to 4th year students.
Sanjana Joshua, Group Talent and Learning Executive, Old Mutual Limited
Sanjana Joshua is currently the Group Talent and Learning Executive at Old Mutual Limited. Prior to her appointment she worked at ABInBev, where she was the People Director for Africa Support Functions, leading the People agenda for the Procurement, Finance, People, Legal & Corporate Affairs and Solutions functions as well as for the Mauritius operations. With over 15 years’ experience tailor-making solutions for developing top talent within organisations to solve talent gaps and provide strategies to enable a sustainable talent landscape, Sanjana’s passionate about leadership development, assessment strategies, coaching and leveraging talent for the future of businesses. As a qualified psychologist, her background spans across a breadth of industries from FMCG, financial services, consulting and manufacturing to the public sector. She is passionate about leadership development on the African continent and strongly believes in fostering thought leadership, collaboration and innovation.
Angie Doyle, Partner, Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Think Agile
Angie specialises in high performance team coaching and trains courses focusing on Scrum and Agile fundamentals, practical Product Ownership, Visual Thinking, Agile Facilitation, Agile Business Analysis, Team Intelligence, Agile Leadership, as well as Scaled Agile. Prior to joining Think Agile, Angie was an Associate Partner at IQ Business, Board Member at IIBA (non-profit) and Board member at Alliance Agile. She is ICAgile certified in Agile coaching and Agile team facilitation.
Pearl Maphoshe, HR Leader (Ex HR Director, Tongaat Hulett)
Pearl has vast HR experience at an executive level. Her most recent position before leaving corporate was as the Head of HR at Tongaat Hulett. Her HR career spans more than 15 years and Pearl is a respected thought leader. She was the Vice President of HR at South32 and Group HR Executive at Pick ‘n Pay. Pearl was also with Massmart for 9 Years where she was the Group Human Capital executive. Pearl has a Master’s Degree from the University of London. Pearl is also a guest lecturer and external examiner on the MBA programme at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Pearl is also guest lecturer on the MBA programs at the University of Kwazulu-Natal and the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She established the Massmart Corporate University and created a new benchmark in the retail industry for education, talent management and executive succession planning, which are among her passions. Pearl was appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training to chair the Wholesale and Retail SETA. She is a member of the University of Zululand Council and chairs the Human Resource Committee of Council. Pearl is also a Board member at Knowledge Resources
Dhevarsha Ramjettan, Partner, Webber Wentzel
Dee specialises in all aspects of employment law with a keen interest in restraint of trade matters, advising on employment issues where companies are undergoing business rescue, transfers of businesses as a going concern, employment related medical malpractice issues, mass retrenchments and general employment related litigation. She has extensive experience in advising companies in respect of the dismissal of executive employees in particular where there are poor work performance issues. Dee drafts employment policies and procedures, executive employment contracts and advises on employee incentive agreements and employee share ownership schemes. Her expertise extends to employment equity, labour court matters and arbitrations before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. She has advised clients across a range of industries, including: electronics, media, banking, agricultural, retail, metal, mining, medical and insurance.
Lori Kasselman, Executive Head: Learning and Development, Vodacom
Lori is an experienced and respected learning professional who has been with Vodacom for more than 15 years. During this time she has held various executive roles. She is currently the Executive Head of Learning and Development and responsible for the Vodacom Academy. She was and continues to be the lead on Vodacoms digital learning journey.
Njabulo Mashigo, HR Director, Talent Management Lead: Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe, Heineken
Njabulo Mashigo is the HR Director for Heineken based in the Netherlands. She is responsible for supporting and shaping the People Agenda of Heineken's operating companies in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, La Reunion, Sierra Leone and Mozambique. She is also the Talent Management Lead across the Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe region (18 countries). Prior to Heineken Njabulo was the HR Director of the JSE and Chief Director: HR for the National Treasury.
Dvorah Stein, Coaching, Culture and Leadership Specialist, The Hive
Dvorah is a People and Culture Strategist and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ignited by seeing possibilities become reality. She is the founder of The Hive and a faculty member of Integral+ Africa’s, Coaching Centre. With a background in Industrial Psychology and 18 years’ experience in the field of people development, Human Resources and Learning and Development, she finds meaning in supporting people to engage whole-heartedly, transform obstacles and find fulfilment. Prior to starting her own business she worked with the Cape Union Mart Group for about 9 years in various roles ranging from Learning Facilitation Leader, Regional HR, Talent Manager and Head of Coaching. She currently still works with the group on a contract basis.
Andy Golding, Co-Founder and Employee Experience Specialist, Still Human
Andy Golding is an Employee Experience Specialist who lives by the mantra ‘work shouldn’t suck’! She is the co-founder of Relevance Advisory, Still Human. Still Human works with organisations to understand how in a world gone digital crazy they can remain relevant as employers through the design of exceptional employee experience and relevant as providers through the creation of innovation-ready culture. Andy is the co-author of 'We Are Still Human, and work shouldn’t suck' and was named one of South Africa’s Top 50 Business Women to Watch in 2018, by Entrepreneur Magazine.”
Dr Morne Mostert, Director, Institute for Futures Research (IFR at the University of Stellenbosch Business School
Dr Morné Mostert is the Director of the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch University. He is a senior C-suite strategy specialist and advises globally on foresight for executive decision-making. He has worked in Geneva, Paris, London, Dubai, Madrid and several African countries. Subsequent to his PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation, his areas of specialisation include Futures Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Systems Thinking and Creative Innovation. He was the founding Chairman of media tech start-up Africa Business Radio and is a member of the ILO international panel of experts on the Future of Work. Dr Mostert is a regular keynote speaker and frequent guest on radio and television in the business media. He is the author of the influential book Systemic Leadership Learning – Leadership Development in the Era of Complexity, which has been the prescribed text for several international programmes on strategic leadership. He is a member of the Club of Rome).
Mariaane Roux, Consulting Director, Professor of Practice, Roux Consulting (Australia)
Marianne has 28 years’ global experience as a New World of Work Strategist, Professor of Practice in Executive and MBA Education and an HR Executive. She currently runs Roux Consulting, a global consulting firm with 15 collaborators around the world . She is an Associate of Mercer, Melbourne Business School and Swinburne University of Technology. Marianne has experience across several industries including Retail, FMCG, Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Infrastructure, Media, Financial services, Telecommunications, Sport, NFP, Health and Pharmaceutical and Tech start-ups. She has worked for PWC, Accenture, Deloitte and Mercer and has held two HR Director roles in two countries. She has a keen interest in the new world of work and how organisations, leaders, teams and individuals can prepare themselves for it. Her PhD research focuses on a model of leadership and leadership development in the new world of work. Her work is grounded in Systems Thinking, Complexity theory and Adult Development. She has recently published the Personal Agility reflection journal: Knowing Your Superpowers is the Key to Your Success in a changing World and she is featured in Maturing Leadership: How Adult Development Impact Leadership. Marianne works pro-bono on developing women and alleviating poverty and trauma. She serves on the Board of Hagar Australia and is the founder of the Coalition of Female Social Entrepreneurs. She was chosen as one of 52 Inspirational women at work in South Africa in 2004, one of 20 Female Entrepreneurs by Management today in 2011 in Australia and in 2015 she won the excellence in NFP consulting award from the Worldwide Who’s Who
Dr Roze Phillips, Group Executive: People and Culture, Absa Bank
Roze holds the position of Group Executive :People and Culture for Absa Group Limited, a large Pan-African bank. The People function under her leadership (formerly Human Resources), is one of the key enablers of Absa’s new Group Strategy with bringing possibilities to life as purpose and “Our People are our strength” one of its key value statements guiding its strategic intent as a signature People function capability. Prior to joining Absa, Roze held the position of Management Consulting lead and Geographic Council member for Accenture Africa and Board member of Accenture South Africa. She served this organisation for 18 years. During her time there, she also served as the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkey Innovation lead, creating the enablers for Accenture to lead Innovation in the region. Working at the intersection of business and technology, Roze is passionate about working with leaders to unleash the business and societal value that can be unlocked when digital technologies, including intelligent machines (AI) work collaboratively with empowered human beings to create the Future of Work on the continent. Roze is Executive Sponsor for BornToSucceedWomen, a public benefit organisation dedicated to helping young South African women with the necessary skills and mentorship to prepare for the workplace and find employment. As a way of contributing to the economic development of her home town, Roze also serves as non executive Director on SPEAR REIT, a property portfolio investment company focused on the Cape Town area. She is the first black woman to be holding such position. Roze has also previously served on various other Boards – amongst those Enablis, a charity fostering entrepreneurship in East Africa. Apart from careers in People Management and Management Consulting, Roze practiced as Physician at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town and Specialist Public Health Scientist at the South African Medical Research Council. Roze holds both Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) (1995) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (1999) degrees from the University of Cape Town and a Post graduate diploma in Future Studies (2016) from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.
Vinolia Singh, Chief People Officer, Adcorp Group
Vinolia is the Chief People Officer of one of South Africa's top employers, generating socioeconomic solutions by creating job opportunities and managing talent across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types and geographic regions. She is an accomplished astute Human Capital business executive with a demonstrated record of improving the human capital function in order to transform business performance and revenue. Her current role at Adcorp is to develop and execute a human capital strategy across South Africa and Australia in support of the overall business transformation, the strategic direction of the organisation and preparation of our workplace for the future world of work. Her career highlights have included being chosen as one of MultiChoice's Top 5 Senior Women Managers and profiled in the Mail & Guardian SA’s book of Top Women in Leadership (2011). Prior to joining Adcorp in 2018, Vinolia was the Group HR Technology Manager for Imperial Holdings. Other senior positions have included the GM of HR for Mulitchoice and Learning Technology Manager at Discovery Health. She has a Master degree from UJ and an MBA from Gibs
Celeste Van Harten, Chief People Officer, Travelstart
Celeste is the head of HR at Travelstart. She is a commercially focussed Senior Human Resource Professional with extensive experience in Organisational Management, Generalist HR Management and Business Partnering. Her work experience has been in regulated E-commerce, Financial Services, and Non-Governmental Organisations. Prior to Travelstart, she was the head of HR for Wonga and also worked at Telesure and Lifeline. Celeste has an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch.
Sonja Blignaut, Founder, More Beyond
Sonja is the founder of More Beyond. She has been working in the fields of narrative and complexity since 2002. Before founding More Beyond, she worked as a consultant for PWC and IBM. She left the formal consulting world in 2004 to focus on doing more of what she loved. Since then, she has consulted locally and internationally with clients that include the Sasol Group, Sasol Inzalo Foundation, Barclays, MMI, Anglo American, Harmony Gold, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Liberty, FNB, Gautrain Management Agency, PWC, IBM North America, DSTV, Eskom, SANParks, the Water Research Commission and many others. Sonja trains locally and internationally in complexity and related topics at various academic institutions including the University of Pretoria and GIBS Business School. She is a sought after speaker in a wide variety of industries and conferences including Agile Summits, OD conferences and TedX Pretoria. Sonja has been the sole South African partner for Prof Dave Snowden’s company Cognitive Edge, the creator of Sensemaker® since 2007. In addition, she is a certified Scrum Master (Agile project manager) and is also qualified in various individual and team coaching modalities including Narrative coaching, Strengths Coaching and Organisation Systems Relationship Coaching.

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Many of our delegates enquire about the accreditation of our events. There is a misconception that organisations qualify for SETA grants only for accredited programmes. This is not correct. The payment of SETA grants is regulated by the Government Gazette, no. 9867, Vol. 570, 3 December 2012, no. 35940. These Regulations clearly state that the SETAs “must allocate a mandatory grant to a levy paying employer” that has submitted a WSP and ATR by the regulated date, has provided all the information required in the regulated template, and is up to date with skills levy payments. Furthermore, the template in the Regulations (Section C: Skills Development) allows employers to include ALL planned training in the report; not only accredited programmes.

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