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HR Business Partner Conference | JOHANNESBURG



Pre-Conference Workshop: 18 August 2020
Two-Day Conference: 19-20 August 2020
Post-Conference Workshop: 21 August 2020
The Capital on the Park Hotel, Sandton | Johannesburg

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Over the last 20 years, much has changed in the world of technology; and much has changed in the world of HR. And there's no doubt HR’s evolution will continue as current business issues place HR centre stage (e.g. digital information age, #MeToo movement) and HR needs to adapt to respond.

According to a Gartner report, organisations that build high-performing HRBPs improve employee performance by up to 22%, employee retention by up to 24%, revenue by up to 7%, and profit by up to 9%.

The KR 2020 HR Business Partner Conference will address the top challenges for HRBPs and explore how to build high-performance competencies to fulfil the role of strategic partner, employee mediator, operations and emergency responder, and more! 


  • HR strategy: Management and implementation
  • The evolving role of the HRBP
  • Agile HR functions
  • Talent management
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • EVP and employee experience
  • Employee engagement and performance
  • Change management
  • The future of Work


  • Discover how the role of HRBP will change in the new world of work
  • Hear case studies from companies with the best HRBP models
  • Get insights and examples of improved business results through effective implementation of the HRBP role
  • Learn how to create a meaningful workplaces through driving purposeful organisations
  • Discover how to translate your organisation’s strategy into an effective and actionable HR strategy
  • Build a strong and credible relationship with line management after hearing how to be an internal consultant
  • Learn the critical success factors for establishing and keeping employee engagement high within your organisation


  • HR Business Partners
  • Human Resources Managers
  • HR Executives managing and developing
  • HR Practitioners
  • HR Directors
  • Talent Managers
  • HR Consultants
  • Line Managers (who would like to collaborate better with HR)
For more information about the seminar, please contact Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba on or +2711 706 6009.


DAY ONE • 03 JUNE 2020

07:30–08:30 Registration | Meet and greet conference attendees, presenters and Knowledge Resources Registration Staff

Introduction and Welcome  by chairperson           


Slot reserved for Oracle (Event Sponsor)


The HRBP’s Evolving strategic role

  • The critical importance of the role of the HR Business Partner in business strategy
  • Transforming the HR function through better business partnering
  • How to become a more effective partner to your line leaders

PEARL MAPHOSHE, (IPM HR director of the year 2018)


Panel discussion: Competencies and the professional make-up of the HRBP of the future

  • Changes in the business landscape and HR’s expected challenges
  • Looking into the future – what are the skills required for HR Business Partner success?
    - Becoming a fearless HRBP
    - Business fluency
    - Crisis management – lessons learnt from COVID-19

PEARL MAPHOSHE, (IPM HR director of the year 2018)


Creating a culture of recognition: the importance of an Employee Recognition strategy to engage and retain top talent

ZIA ATLEE,, Head: Research, Knowledge Resources

12:15–13:15 Lunch | Engage in meaningful, learning conversations while enjoying a delicious meal


How to use HR Analytics to provide strategic advice to Line Managers

ELMEN LAMPRECHT, Co-Founder, Cogo Analytics


The rise of the internal talent market place

To ease the talent crunch (especially for sought-after skills), reduce employee attrition and increase intent to stay, HR should make it easier and more attractive for employees to change jobs internally. Learn how to build a vibrant internal labour market to better facilitate growth opportunities and increase employee retention. This session will unpack:

  • The talent marketplace and the future of work
  • How to create a talent market in your organisation
  • Facilitating internal talent mobility


Case study: A top employer’s journey towards an Agile HR function

15:30 Wrap up of Day-1


DAY TWO • 04 JUNE 2020

07:30–08:30 Registration | Meet and greet conference attendees, presenters and Knowledge Resources Registration Staff

Welcome & introduction by chairperson


Shaping organisational culture: How to drive a people culture strategy


Driving employee engagement through effective performance management

  • Understanding intersection between employee engagement and performance management
  • How performance management can have a positive impact on employee engagement
  • Effective management styles that HRBPs can use to create an environment where both engagement and productivity thrive


10:00–10:30 Morning Break | Enjoy coffee/tea and snacks and connect with leaders from across the industry


How to create a great Employee Value proposition and deliver a compelling employee experience

It’s no longer enough for organisations to attract, retain and motivate employees with compensation and benefits alone. These contractual rewards remain important and foundational, but are too easily replicated and expensive to change. Employees expect and need more.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Create a compelling employee experience for the future of work
  • Differentiate your employee value proposition with targeted rewards that respond to employee needs for career development, wellbeing and purpose
  • Drive employee motivation, satisfaction and commitment with a meaningful EVP

MELISSA PADAYACHY, HR Specialist and Managing Executive, CMP Inspire


How to be deliberate about Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in your organisation

  • Learn the most innovative practices in embedding D&I initiatives into business practices
  • Create a truly inclusive culture in your organisation: Get practical insights on how to enable inclusive leadership, culture change and internal buy-in

BRONSON HLATSHWAYO, Life Coach and Facilitator, Mandate Molefi

12:00–12:45 Lunch | Engage in meaningful, learning conversations while enjoying a delicious meal


Developing the skills of successful change management for HRBPs

It’s inevitable - change affects all organisations. Leading change is not only for the Change Manager – the HRBP also plays an integral role. As an HR Business Partner, how good are your change management skills? Join Gareth Kingston and:

  • Get equipped with the must have skills for managing change in your organisation
  • Unpack the key features of a successful change management strategy?
  • Explore the techniques required to implement and ensure a successful change management programme

GARETH KINGSTON, Senior Manager: Organisational Transformation, Deloitte


Exploring the changing demands of the workforce

A recent research done by Gallup following 10+ million interviews with employees and managers across 160 countries and Roundtable interviews with CHROs from 300 of world’s largest organisations, reveals that millennials and centennials have disrupted how the world works… And there’s no going back! Old management practices are producing very little development and the demands of the workforce are changing. Find out how you can stay on top of the changing demands of the workforce as an HR Business Partner.


HR operating models and the future of work: Why your organisations future demands a new kind of HR

How do you adopt an operating model of the future to upgrade the HR function’s strategy and management and help them achieve their goals of agility, customer centricity and operational efficiency? Find out more from Debbie Craig, MD at Catalyst in this session

DEBBIE CRAIG, Managing Director, Catalyst

15:00 Close of conference


Confirmed and invited speakers include:

  • GARETH KINGSTON, Senior Manager: Organisational Transformation, Deloitte
  • BRONSON HLATSHWAYO, Life Coach and Facilitator, Mandate Molefi
  • DR JERRY GULE, CEO, IPM (invited)
  • PEARL MAPHOSHE, HR Director, Aspen (invited)
  • DEBBIE CRAIG, Managing Director, Catalyst
  • JEFF PHIRI, Talent and Learning Director, DHL (invited)
  • ZIA ATLEE, Head: Research, Knowledge Resources
  • ELMEN LAMPRECHT, Co-Founder, Cogo Analytics
  • MELISSA PADAYACHY, HR Specialist and Managing Executive, CMP Inspire

Pre-Conference Workshop | Sponsors and Exhibitors

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Modern, integrated cloud applications from Oracle help you re-imagine your business. The best-of-breed SaaS applications in Oracle Cloud provide social, mobile, and analytic capabilities that help you to deliver the experiences that your customers expect, your employees require and with the performance that the market demands. A unified Oracle cloud suite brings together your data to provide you with a deeper and consistent view into your business. This can also be easily extended to include multiple other sources such as finance, operations, supply chain, sales, purchasing and project data. Providing high quality information, in a timely manner, accessed using the devise of your choice and with an engaging consumer-like user experience, will dramatically enhance personal productivity. Your executives and managers will have access to cross-functional data from across the enterprise thereby enabling much better decision-making and as a result your operations can be simplified, streamlined, and better able to support strategic initiatives, address marketplace changes and deliver growth.

Pre-Conference Workshop| 18 August 2020


Facilitated by Elmen Lamprecht and Jaen Beelders, Cogo Analytics Companies can make better decisions about their talent through the power of HR Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. By harnessing the power of data and predictive analysis, we can create happier working environments by improving the way we identify, recruit, develop, promote, engage and retain talent. HR technology and analytics enables professionals to make informed and in-depth decisions across the HR lifecycle. It enables HR executives to report on productivity and its correlation to the bottom line of the organization, while understanding how to create better working environments. However there is a current lack of analytical skills in HR and an understanding of AI in general. This workshop has been specifically designed for HR Professionals who want to develop a better understanding about HR Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Human Resources. It covers the basics but also investigates more advanced concepts. It will show you how to utilize Artificial Intelligence in your HR Analytics function and the latest applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resource

Key learning outcomes:

  • In-depth understanding of HR Analytics
  • Developing an Advanced HR Analytics Function
  • Using Data as the building blocks advanced HR Analytics
  • Advanced comprehension of Artificial Intelligence
  • Using HR Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to improve company productivity and profitability
  • Successful application of Artificial Intelligence to improve key HR Metrics

Workshop Layout

Topics include

-What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • History of Artificial Intelligence
  • o Important concepts such as Automation, Machine Learning
-Levels of Artificial Intelligence
    o From basic to Deep Learning
    o Levels of Reporting: Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive

    -Detailed exploration of different data types
    Overview of data types. Structured, unstructured.
    o HR should understand data
    o Different kinds of data, e.g. structured, unstructured, text, image, etc.
    o Metadata
    o Formats, e.g. html, word, pdf
    o How it is created, stored, used, etc.
    o Concept of Big Data and Internet of Things
    -How to utilize Artificial Intelligence in your HR Analytics function

    o The Role of HR is changing
    o HR Analytics vs People Analytics vs Talent Analytics
    o Why is HR so behind other business functions?
    o If you can’t manage what you can’t measure (Peter Drucker)
    o Purpose of Talent Analytics
    o Responsibility for Talent Metrics
    o Driven by HR, Owned by everyone (including Exec and Board)
    o Value of Talent Analytics

    - Latest applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resource Industry

    o Recruitment –placing the right person in the right job at the right time
    o Internal growth/promotion –Promoting the right people into the right jobs
    o Training and Development –Increasing ROI by matching the right training with the right employees
    o Employee Engagement
    o Retention

About the Facilitators:

Elmen Lamprecht

Elmen is the Founder and Managing Partner, Cogo People Analytics. With over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources, Talent Attraction & Acquisition and Sales, Elmen consults with a number of clients on developing and executing their talent strategies with the aim to gain competitive advantage and reduce talent costs. He expertise is in Artificial Intelligence for the full Talent Life- Cycle, latest technology developments in the HR Sector, developing and executing employer branding strategies, improving efficiencies & reducing the costs associated with Talent Attraction and Acquisition, and supporting companies to confidently prepare for the Future of Work. Elmen has an honours degree in Psychology from UJ.

Jaen Beelders

Jaen is the Co-Founder, COGO People Analytics. Jaen is a passionate data entrepreneur and has been fortunate to have found, worked in and managed start-ups and established businesses alike to leverage the power of data and analytics across an array of industries. The greatest opportunity for the advancement of technology, such as AI and machine learning, has been in the behavioural sciences where it is a much-needed skill. He is the co-founder of COGO, South Africa’s first People Analytics data science company, which assist HR professionals to leverage data across HR systems and create predictive capabilities. He believes that with the use of advanced analytics HR departments can now manage human capital more proactively. He has been able to capitalise on this sector by acting as an interpreter between highly technical teams and non-technical professionals.

Post Conference Workshop | 21 August 2020

Building the future fit organisation: Practical tools for human capital 4.0 Workshop

Workshop info to follow soon...

For more information about the seminar, please contact Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba on or +2711 706 6009 .


Option A: The Data-Driven HR Business Partner: Harnessing the Power of Hr Analytics and AiPre- Conference workshop  18 August  
R 4 500.00 excl. VAT
Option B: Two-day conference 19-20 August  
R9 000 .00 excl. VAT
Option C: Speaker Video Download | Two-day conference 03-04 June 
R4 950 .00 excl. VAT
Option D: Pre-conference workshop and Two-day conference and Post Conference Workshop 18-21 August
(You save R2000)
R16 000 .00 excl. VAT
Option E: Two-day Conference and Pre conference workshop 
18-20 August
(You save R1500)
R12 000 .00 excl. VAT
Option F: Two-day Conference and Post conference workshop 
19-20 and 05 August
(You save R1500)
R12 000 .00 excl. VAT
Option G: Building the future fit organisation: Practical tools for human capital 4.0 Post-Conference WorkshopPost Conference Workshop 21 August
R 4 500.00 excl. VAT

Please note:

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  • Registration fees include refreshments, lunch, parking and conference material
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