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Module 1 • 24,25,26 July 2018
Module 2 • 28,29,30 August 2018
Module 3 & 4 • 25, 26,27 September 2018
Module 5 • 24,25,26 October 2018



Do you want to enter the world of organisational development or further develop your skills in the discipline of OD? KR in Partnership with Connect to Grow provides a comprehensive course that addresses the need for an in-depth and foundational understanding of the principles of organisational development.

KR in partnership with Connect to Grow offers a course which puts theory into practice and which will equip you with all the skills and knowledge to become a confident, credible and capable organisational development practitioner.

Your journey starts here.

What is organisational development?

Organisational development is a discipline within human resource management that focuses on developing processes that will bring about effective, sustainable improvements in an organisation’s performance by harnessing the full potential of all employees. It focuses on optimising individual, group and organisational performance, in the context of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Who should attend this programme?

This four-month course is ideal for HR specialists/practitioners, current organisational development practitioners, senior managers as well as business executives who would like to develop their skills in the discipline of organisational development. Students in the fields of Industrial Psychology or Human Resources would also find significant benefit as this course will enable them to approach their careers from the outset with a broader and more holistic perspective usually only gained through experience and exposure over time.

This course will also benefit coaching consultants who wish to improve their organisational development skills so that they may guide organisations in the practice of OD with competence and confidence.

What qualifications / experience is required to attend this programme?

The course is suitable for individuals with an Honours Degree and/or at least 5 years’ human resources / leadership development / coaching or related experience.



The course consists of five interactive modules presented as workshops distributed over a four-month period, and has been developed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a confident, credible and capable organisational development practitioner.

The programme puts theory into practice and will enable you to experience the organisational development process, while providing a thorough framework for the content covered in each stage of the process.

The workshops will equip you with key tools, techniques and resources to enable you to implement effective organisational development processes as soon as you return to your workplace. This course is a process of self-discovery in which you will learn to identify your unique traits, strengths and weaknesses. To this end, we make use of questionnaires and supporting resources which you can use again within your own organisation.

Module 1: The World of Organisational Development (3 days)

In the first module, you will learn the following concepts:
  • Future world of work – understanding VUCA
  • Changes in leadership over the past decades
  • Organisational change and development – current focuses and changes over the decades
  • Defining organisational development
  • Dynamics of behaviour - Locus of control; Conflict; Consulting styles; Listening & Responding
  • Relationships and group theory - Power & conflict in groups
  • Systems theory
  • Leadership – Living the Art of Possibility

Module 2: Organisational Development Theory and Practice (3 days)

In module 2 we explore the foundations of organisational development:
  • The meaning and value of organisational development
  • Key organisational development concepts – Climate; Culture & Strategy
  • Reasons why organisational development fails
  • Organisational development models
  • Organisational development processes applications
  • Providing effective feedback
  • How to identify and design interventions
  • Ethics in organisational development consulting

Module 3: Organisational Development Skills (3 days combining module 4)

Module 3 provides you with the skills needed to be a successful organisational development practitioner:
    - Micro skills
  • The principles and phases of helping
  • Trust
  • Observing and confronting behaviour
  • Listening skills
  • Handling crisis situations
  • - Facilitation skills
  • Understanding and applying the process model and phases of facilitation
  • Effective problem solving
  • Effective group decision making
  • Dealing with conflict

Module 4: Theory into Practice – Case Study

(3 days combining module 3) In module 4 we continue to put theory into practice. You will apply all you have learned to a case study in an organisation of your choice. You will be guided to plan your case study, which you will implement within a real work setting.

Module 5: Organisational Development to the Next Level (3 days)

In the final module you will make a presentation on your case study and share what you have learnt and experienced. You will also have the opportunity to experience more creative organisational development concepts, such as music, art, religion and quantum theory, organisational development in an African context, and how these can be used to enhance your organisational development skills repertoire.


Dr Theo Nell

Theo is a registered industrial psychologist, with more than 20 years’ experience in the private, public and higher education sectors. In 2004 Theo obtained a doctorate degree in Leadership, Performance and Change from the University of Johannesburg. Theo’s fields of specialisation include organisational development, change management, organisational dynamics, talent management, mentoring and the design and translation of organisational strategy. Theo consults to various companies on organisational development, change management, strategy and profit optimisation. He is partnering with various consulting agencies, including The Human Capital Group, Horton International and IRChange. He has also acted as supervisory psychologist for a number of intern industrial psychologists.

Renata Fourie, Industrial Psychologist and Executive coach

Renata is an Industrial Psychologist and has been working in the field for more than 25 years. Her consulting and coaching experience covers mostly working in corporate environments and she has extensive experience in the Financial Industry. Renata has been in Private Practice since 2012 where she has been involved in the following sectors: the hospitality industry, Christian missions, education, science, finance, welfare, medical and entrepreneurial fields. Apart from working in the Human Resources field she also have experience in the Finance field where she worked on various financial projects in a corporate environment. Renata is a registered Psychologist with the HPCSA (Health Profession Council of South Africa). Category: independent practice (industrial psychology) and a Practitioner member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) as well as a full member of SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa).

How to apply for the programme

As the number of delegates are limited, a short skype or telephonic interview might be done with potential candidates to ensure that all attendees gain most from the workshop and that it is aligned to their specific development needs

Please request an application form from Katie van der Schyff at


Course fee:
R39 900.00 excl. VAT


Please call a conference customer care consultant on +2711 706 6009

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KR in Partnership with Connect to Grow

Earn HPCSA/PsySSA CPD Points: 27 General CEU points and 3 Ethics CEU points


Please request an application form from contact Katie van der Schyff on +2711 706 6009

As the number of delegates are limited, a short skype or telephonic interview might be done with potential candidates to ensure that all attendees gain most from the workshop and that it is aligned to their specific development needs.

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