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Learning and Development Conference

The event for learning leaders in Africa


One-day conference • 28 February 2018
Learning and Development Conference
The event for learning leaders in Africa
Pre-Conference Workshop • 27 February 2018
Accelerated Learning
Change Management the Agile way
Facilitated by: Kerryn Kohl, Founder, The Coaching House-Talent Cultivation (Co-Author, Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results, published by KR)
Hilton Hotel Windhoek | NAMIBIA
Rev. Michael Scott Street, Windhoek

Huge demands are being placed on learning in the digital age Is your organisation building skill, knowledge and capability for the future?

Dear Colleague

Recent research conducted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI, 2017) reveals that there is plenty of room for L&D to grow and elevate its role as a strategic partner to business unit leaders, executive teams, and CEOs. The 2017 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report indicates only 60% of those surveyed have ‘seats at the boardroom table’. The report revealed that 69% of L&D executives indicate that talent development is their number 1 priority. The report also indicates that developing employees is important to executives, but demonstrating value proves challenging and that one of L&D top challenges are tied to demonstrating business impact.

Today’s modern learners must always be learning. In fact, they demand it. Learning is taking place through a variety of sources and devices. With the flood of technology, people today are embracing digital tools to access content that helps them learn on the job and on the go. But the research found that organisations are still heavily investing in in-person classroom-style training! As digital transforms the business landscape, successful organisations will be those who can move faster, adapt and grow quicker, and learn more rapidly.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) warns that by 2020, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have introduced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence, advanced materials and biotechnology into our daily lives. Today’s workforce will therefore need to upgrade its skills if it is to meet the needs of companies and consumers in the future. Learning leaders are under pressure to reskill (and up skill) people to meet the challenges of today. New workplace learning approaches are needed to underpin all the ways people learn in the modern workplace. This does not mean however, updating traditional practices, but rather adopting new ways to enable employee-led learning.

For your L&D function this is not just about doing this differently, but rather looking at doing different things. Often wearing many different hats, learning leaders need to look at ways to improve their value as strategic innovators, talent decision makers and trusted advisors. Leaders need to remain open minded, observe behaviour closely, be flexible and willing to experiment.

FIVE Reasons to Attend
  1. Meet leading industry experts all under one roof!
  2. Expand and build your network! Meet L&D leaders who face the same challenges as you
  3. Hear latest developments, trends, innovative learning practices, company case studies and see where technology will take learning in the future
  4. Discover ways to build skills and capability for tomorrow when faced with disruptive circumstances
  5. Actionable ideas that can help your organisation learn faster than your competitors – turn learning into a sustainable competitive advantage


This programme is developed for senior level professionals involved in Learning and Development at a strategic and decision making level, such as:

  • Head of Training and Development
  • Head of Learning and Development/Chief Learning Officer/Chief Learning and Development Officer
  • Head of Talent Management
  • Human Resource Development/People Development
  • Training Specialist/Learning Specialist
  • OD Specialist/Change and Transformation Specialist
  • Consultant
  • HR Director
  • Academic/Researcher
  • NGO executive
This event will help you as a learning leader build an organisation that is able to meet the challenges of rapid change by ensuring that learning is an integral part of the business strategy. It will look at a more modern approach that evolves L&D into a business within a business.

One-day Pre-Conference Workshop
Accelerated Learning
Change Management the Agile way

Facilitated by: Kerryn Kohl, Founder, The Coaching House-Talent Cultivation (Co-Author, Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results, published by KR)

This hands-on, practical and engaging workshop allow you to deep-dive into specific topics which will build skills and offer practical take away tools that can be immediately applied in your day-to-day work. Skills or concepts are taught, demonstrated or explored, and they are embedded with active participation and active learning. Interaction and participation are vital parts of this workshop. Even if you’re not attending the full conference, you can still register for the stand-alone workshop.


For more information about the Conference, please contact Katie van der Schyff on or +27 11 706 6009.
Lorraine Holland-Muter, PwC | Business School Assistant Manager +264 61 284 1034 |


Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available. For more information contact Barbara Spence

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 28 FEBRUARY 2018

07:30–08:30 REGISTRATION | Meet and greet conference attendees, presenters and Knowledge Resources Registration Staff


Welcome and intro by chairperson


Managing Flow: Transitioning from position focused succession management to people centred flow management that drives strategic leadership development

Amorey Pote , Talent & Service Delivery Manager, Namibia Breweries Limited


Implementing the “Flat Pack” Learning strategy (Case Study: Barclays)

Kerryn Kohl, Owner, The Coaching House-Talent Cultivation

10:45–11:00 Morning tea


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the implications for learning and development in Namibia

Wilhelm Crous, Managing Director, KR


Leading learning and development in tough times
Innovative learning methods used by NAMPOWER within their Learning and development programmes during tough economic times:

Mercy M. Situmbeko, Manager: Education, Training & Development, NAMPOWER Psychometrist: Private Practice (HPCSA)

13:00–14:00 LUNCH | Engage in meaningful, learning conversations while enjoying a delicious meal


Driving engagement through learning – the learning leaders role

Vera Bronkhorst, Organisational Development Specialist and Business Coach

15:00–15:15 AFTERNOON BREAK | Enjoy coffee/tea and snacks and connect with leaders from across the industry


Discussion session: Preparing the youth for the world of work


Amorey Pote
Wilhelm Crous
Mercy M. Situmbeko

16:15–16:30 Wrap up and close of conference


Amorey Pote, Talent & Service Delivery Manager, Namibia Breweries Limited
Amorey is a Talent Management and Development specialist with an in depth understanding of business and how to leverage talent for increased business success. Her passion and specialist skills include individual and large scale organisational capability diagnostics as well as career path appreciation and mapping and succession management. Amorey holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and Psychometrics, she is currently busy completing her Masters' Degree in Human Resource Development and has 10 years’ experience in general HR, specialising in Talent Management.
Kerryn Kohl: “big chief little ego” of The Coaching House – Talent Cultivation
I am an organisational behaviourist and learning strategist, focusing on the interface between human behaviour and the digitally emergent organisation. A design thinker by nature. Prior to opening The Coaching House in 2009, I consulted for a global management consulting firm (Accenture). During this time I gained experience across industries and have since continued to deepen my expertise in learning strategy, change management, organisational design, quantum leadership, and coaching. I use design thinking together with my deep expertise in change Management and Learning to solve complex challenges, and develop creative and sustainable solutions for my clients. I am a developing writer. The author of Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results, and a popular columnist for Talent Talks. My column focuses on providing leaders with a DIY guide to building future fit teams. I am a strong, impactful facilitator and a thought-provoking speaker. I earned my Master’s Degree in Education and my Honours degree in Psychology. I am also a trained Ballroom and Latin American dance instructor which makes me as agile on the dancefloor as I am in the boardroom. I have a consulting focus aimed at value creation and a passion for people development. A self –confessed blue sky thinker and keen star gazer. But most importantly I am a mother to 3 awesome children and a very blessed wife!
Wilhelm Crous, Managing Director, KR
Wilhelm is the managing director of Knowledge Resources which he started in 1991. He was the Executive Director at Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) from 1981–1991 and a past chairman of the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). Wilhelm has a B.Com Hons in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and obtained his MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He has been a guest lecturer at various universities and business schools and has received numerous special awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from SABPP for outstanding contribution to the human resources management profession and a Chancellor’s Medal from the University of Pretoria for contribution made to human resources management. Wilhelm was one of the founders of the SABPP and a member of Academy of Management. He is currently the lead editor of the Human Capital and Labour Report Series.
Mercy M. Situmbeko, Manager: Education, Training & Development, NAMPOWER Psychometrist: Private Practice (HPCSA)
Mercy is the current Education, Training and Development manager of NamPower from 2013. As part of her duties she manages the NamPower Vocational Training school as well as the IT, Non-Technical and Technical Training in NamPower. In 2009 Mercy took up the role of Senior Organisational Development Analyst at NamPower. The main task was to lay the ground work for and implement a Performance Management System in NamPower. This system has been running for 6 years since implementation. She further conducts psychometric assessments for recruitment, counselling and team-performance and team building. Mercy is also a Part-Time Lecturer in Compensation Management at the Polytechnic of Namibia since 2010. She is the founder and owner of Mercy-HR & Psychometrics Consultancy. Her educational background consists of the following; a Master of Business Administration, an Honours Degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts Degree (Majoring in Industrial Psychology) as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution: Conciliation & Arbitration. In 1998 Mercy registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa as a Psychometrist: Independent/ Private Practice.
Vera Bronkhorst, Organisational Development Specialist and Business Coach
Vera is an experienced organisational development specialist who has acquired a wide variety of organisational development skills across the public, private and civil society sectors. She has delivered programmes around various organisational effectiveness and culture aspects, e.g. Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Human Resource Policy Development, the design and development of Employee Wellness Programs, Talent Management, Restructuring, Competency Profiling, Job Analysis, Training and Facilitation and conducting psychometric assessments within the workplace. Also well versed in assisting organisations to develop compensation and benefits programmes. Recently also assisting organisations with business coaching for leadership, individuals and teams.


Accelerated Learning| Pre-Conference Workshop

Change Management the Agile way

27 February 2018
Hilton Hotel Windhoek | NAMIBIA
Rev. Michael Scott Street, Windhoek

Facilitated by: Kerryn Kohl, Founder, The Coaching House-Talent Cultivation (Co-Author, Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results, published by KR)

Use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate successful change within teams, faster! As innovation and disruption continue to increase, more and more organisations are looking for ways to change faster in order to remain competitive. Many of those organisations are looking at Agile to do that, but tend to use out-dated change management approaches that are not equipped to manage fast-paced change. This one-day workshop is designed to show you how to use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change. Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Start-up, Agile, Organisational Development, and Change Management in order to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with. By attending, learning leaders will learn what Agile is, and how to apply Agile thinking to your change programmes, as well as many good practices and light-weight planning and exploration tools for getting your change off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Implementing agile – implementing change Why wouldn’t people want to change if change is constant and a part of life? Why wouldn’t they want to work in an Agile manner? Or implement a change that well “just makes sense” or is “clearly a better way of getting things done, developing products or serving our customers”? Why wouldn’t they want the changes inflicted on them? Why are they resisting? After all there are clear benefits for them and/or the organisation?

Implementing Agile is a change, and requires change management – but not traditional change management practices. It requires lean, lightweight, practical change management practices and tools that put the emphasis on the conversation, getting teams to new ways of working together, faster. In our experience with leading multiple large and small change programmes, the most effective and sustainable path to making change happen is to equip the people actually managing the change on the ground, every day – the team or “scrum” leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to apply Agile and Lean techniques to Change Management
  • How to use Agile techniques within your existing Change Management framework
  • How to reframe resistance to change to response to change
  • Combine ideas from Lean Start-up, Agile, OD and CM to develop your own contextual change framework
  • Alternatives to ROI and project management thinking
  • How to use light-weight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, OKRs, Perspective Mapping and more…


Change Managers needing to stay relevant in managing change in Agile Organisations and People leading agile teams that require Lean change management skills, practices and tools empowering them to:
  • Practically manage change within their teams to adopt new agile ways of working
  • Equip their teams with the mindset and tools required to deal with change within their teams and the broader organisation
  • See their team’s output successfully implemented and realising it’s intended outcomes within the organisation’s ecosystem

Kerryn Kohl, Founder, The Coaching House-Talent Cultivation (Co-Author, Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results, published by KR)

The Coaching House – Talent Cultivation is a niche consultancy focused on delivering quality learning, coaching and change management solutions. Kerryn has a passion for learning believing that it underlies any transformation or change that we wish to make. Kerryn holds a Master’s Degree in Adult and Community Education and an Honours degree in Psychology, all from the University of Johannesburg. Kerryn is a registered life and business coach with Comensa. She consulted for the global management consulting firm, Accenture and brings more than 14 years of valuable experience as a talent and organisation performance professional. Kerryn leverages her knowledge and experience of Human Behaviour in order to quickly assess current challenges and design an efficient, flexible and sustainable solution. Kerryn has a broad range of experience across industries and her strengths lie in learning strategy development, change management, workforce transformation, organisational learning, organisational design, performance management and coaching. Kerryn is also the co-author of the book Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results.

07:30 – 08:30 | Registration
08:30 | Workshop start
10:00 – 10:30 | Morning break
12:30 – 13:30 | Lunch
15:00 – 15:15 | Afternoon break
15:15 – 16:00 | Wrap up


  Price (excl. VAT)
Pre-conference workshop only: 27 February 2018
N$3 600.00
One-day conference only 28 February 2018
N$3 600.00
Pre-conference workshop and Conference : 27-28 February  
N$6 700.00 (save N$500.00)

Please note:

  • Payment must be received prior to attendance
  • Registration fees include refreshments, lunch, parking and conference material
SETA grants and accreditation requirements
Many of our delegates enquire about the accreditation of our events. There is a misconception that organisations qualify for SETA grants only for accredited programmes. This is not correct. The payment of SETA grants is regulated by the Government Gazette, no. 9867, Vol. 570, 3 December 2012, no. 35940. These Regulations clearly state that the SETAs “must allocate a mandatory grant to a levy paying employer” that has submitted a WSP and ATR by the regulated date, has provided all the information required in the regulated template, and is up to date with skills levy payments. Furthermore, the template in the Regulations (Section C: Skills Development) allows employers to include ALL planned training in the report; not only accredited programmes.
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