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Discover the opportunities for brands and companies to be part of the Stokvel value

Do you want to play a part in the massive (and growing) STOKVEL market? Then join us at the one-day seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg and find out HOW!


01 November 2017
One-day seminar, The River Club, Liesbeek Parkway, Cape Town

Stokvels, known as the “hidden economy”, continue to be on the rise and are big business. According to research company, African Response there are about 8.6 million individuals belonging to more than 421 000 stokvels in South Africa, with a collective value of around R25 billion.

However, despite its huge spending power, most marketers and businesses are still not responding to, or understanding this informal banking and business sector.

Stokvels are an age-old, traditional mechanism used by many South Africans to collectively save, support and socialise in the short term and long term. They are of great value and benefit to members and their families and have become an important means of fighting poverty in poor communities. Some of these stokvels have also grown into sophisticated businesses.

It’s time for marketers to recognise the importance of Stokvels and appreciate that they are actually very dynamic and efficient organisations, although they do not always have the education or resources to back up their ideas and drive their stokvels forward. This is where marketers and businesses can play a proactive and vital role in its future by supporting and adding real value.

The opportunity is massive - do you want to play a part in this massive (and growing) market?

KR has invited subject matter experts to join the seminar on ’Engage and grow with Stokvels’, taking place in Cape Town (1 November) AND Johannesburg (13 September). Join us to get the latest insights, trends and best practices on how to engage and grow with the stokvel market.

* HEAR from real STOKVEL members *

We have also invited a group of Stokvel members to share their stories and answer YOUR questions during an interactive panel discussion!

PS: For the JOHANNESBURG seminar – click here


  • This event is specifically designed to help marketers and businesses to better understand and connect with people in the stokvel market.
  • Get the latest trends, facts and insights on the developments and operations of stokvels in South Africa.
  • Develop a better understanding of how stokvels operate, the challenges they face and the opportunities for brands to add real value.
  • Get the opportunity to engage directly with critical role players from various stokvels and ask them your questions.
  • Gain practical ideas on how to engage with this market in a responsible way.
  • Be inspired, motivated and challenged with fresh thinking, new information and great ideas to take back to your organisation.
  • The programme is packed with relevant and critical topics presented by industry leaders, influencers and top companies.
  • Get practical examples and tools to implement immediately.
  • Be part of one of the very few events that focuses exclusively on stokvels and where speakers have been carefully selected to address topics unique to this market.


  • Marketing Managers and Marketing Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Consumer Insight Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Product Managers & Strategists
  • Market Research Managers
  • NGOs
  • Government organisations

For more information about the Seminar, please contact Maureen du Toit on or +27 83 226 6657.


PS: For the JOHANNESBURG event, click here



Meet attendees, speakers and Knowledge Resources staff




Stokvels – what you need to understand

Berniece Hieckmann, Executive:  Rapid Application Design and Development, Metropolitan Retail


Implications for businesses wanting to tap into Stokvels – an update on trends and success stories of businesses that started as Stokvels

Mamapudi Nkgadima, Managing Director, African Response

10:30 – 11:00 Morning Break

11:00 – 12:00

Meet and engage with STOKVEL members - interactive Q&A session
We have invited various members and role players from different Stokvels to share their stories and answer YOUR questions

12:00- 13:00

Stokvel business management - understanding their realities, needs and opportunities to help empower them

Lindy Mataboge, Stokvel Coach and Director, Line Empower Services

13:00 - 13:45 LUNCH

13:45 – 14:45

Engaging with Stokvels – practical ways on how to build your brand AND add value to this market 

Busi Skenjana,
 Founder & Managing Director, BSK Marketing & Associates

14:45 – 15:30

The use of mobile and technology in Stokvels – lessons and insights from StokFella

Tshepo Moloi, Founder & CEO, StokFella




Berniece Hieckmann, Executive: Rapid Application Design and Development, Metropolitan Retail
Berniece has worked in the financial sector for more than 20 years and has both banking and insurance experience. Recent focus areas in her career have been bancassurance and entry level market strategies. She has held positions in Sales, Business Design, IT, Finance, Marketing and Product Development and this is mirrored in her studies which span Law, Finance, Tax and more recently, Anthropology. She is currently responsible for Strategy, Business Architecture and Client Value Proposition Development at Metropolitan Retail which is part of the MMI Group.
Mamapudi Nkgadima , Managing Director, African Response
Mamapudi has more than 25 years’ experience in the market and social research as a user and supplier. She is a marketeer, turned researcher with an entrepreneur flair having founded and managed a successful strategic marketing and research agency for over 7 years. Prior to joining African Response in 2010, she spent 13 years working across a number of multinational and blue chip companies, engaged in brand development , marketing management, and business leadership. In her role as Managing Director of African Response Mamapudi has been involved in a range of projects from market/industry understanding, stakeholder perceptions, brand health, customer satisfaction measurement, campaign impact assessment and social trends in and outside of South Africa. She is a regular presenter at conferences with a focus on the majority/mainstream/informal market and was awarded the best qualitative paper for the SAMRA qualitative conference in 2013, based on African Response’s study on Stokvels “The hidden economy”.
Lindy Mataboge, Stokvel Coach and Director, Line Empower Services
Dinah “Lindy” Mataboge is very passionate about social entrepreneurship, the youth and women. She is involved in numerous community and social development initiatives in townships and enterprise development projects. She is currently self–employed in the education and training sector as a training facilitator, mentor, coach and assessor. Before taking the entrepreneurial route, she worked at the University of the Witwatersrand for 16 years at the Wits Graduate School of Business Administration and held various positions including Programme Coordinator at Academic Programmes and Programme Manager at Centre for Entrepreneurship. She left the formal education and training industry in March 2017 to pursue a training career and to start her own training institute. Her area of specialty is social entrepreneurship, new venture creation and financial wellness training in Stokvels and cooperative, SMME support and entrepreneurship.
Busi Skenjana, Founder & Managing Director, BSK Marketing & Associates
With 25 years below the line marketing experience, a passion for stokvels and as experts in their functioning, BSK Marketing works tirelessly to unlock strategic partnerships between stokvels and marketers in South Africa. Busi, founder of BSK Marketing, developed a unique brand activation concept in which brands are able to tap into the stokvel market through their monthly meetings and events such as weddings, funerals and social events. She is also a publisher of Stokvel Voice Magazine.
Tshepo Moloi, Founder and CEO, StokFella
Tshepo is the Founder and CEO of StokFella, a fintech solution that is aimed to revolutionise a 19th century practice into a modern and tech savvy sector that allows more than 8.5million South Africans to participate in the economy of the country. Although StokFella was born out of his personal journey in seeking to solve the administration challenges he faced in managing his stokvel; it was also inspired by being part of a 20 years old family stokvel in Soweto where he grew up. Tshepo has 6 years’ experience in Finance industry where he acquired financial modelling, client value proposition and business strategy skills and a further 2 years’ experience in tech mining engineering.

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01 November 2017 - Stokvel Seminar 
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