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Future of advertising Conference

Unlock the complexities of modern and future advertising to take your brand and agency forward


Two-day Conference | 13 – 14 June 2017
The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Johannesburg

The world of advertising, media and digital marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade, and the pace of that change is not slowing down.

Today’s consumers live in a world of search, social, self-service and automation. They are entrenched in their digital and mobile devices and communicate through status updates and sharing pictures and videos. They shop and review products online and participate in discussion forums… But most importantly: customers are expecting and demanding more personal and meaningful conversations and want to engage with brands across all channels.

This presents a great opportunity for brands to capture these interactions and use this information to maximise customer communication, develop products and enable greater efficiency and curated content. However, most companies feel overwhelmed with all these countless tools, technological advancements and different touchpoints and find it more difficult than ever to stand out and make a lasting impact on their customers.

You can’t afford to stand still! Brands that want to be around in the future need to evolve with technology and make a shift in their marketing and advertising strategy.

KR is proud to bring you The Future of Advertising Conference, taking place on 13 – 14 June 2017 in Johannesburg. This stimulating programme will examine some of the key trends affecting advertising and marketing and what they mean for brands, agencies, publishers and media companies.

We have invited a world-class selection of speakers to discuss some of the complexities and opportunities of the new era of advertising and how you should embrace smart technology, data, innovation, collaboration in order to thrive as a leader.


  • Hear from inspiring and expert speakers as they provide their perspectives and solutions on how to thrive in the new era of advertising.
  • Rethink your marketing and communication strategy and how to create more engaging communications for the digital age.
  • Get insights on some of the latest trends in advertising – virtual reality, data-driven experiences, gender-neutral advertising, native advertising and many more.
  • Feel inspired and challenged with fresh thinking and cutting-edge ideas to take back to your organisation.
  • Get practical examples and tools to implement immediately and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Network and build professional relationships.


  • Marketing Managers and Marketing Directors
  • Advertising Executives
  • Brand Managers
  • Digital Managers
  • &Publishers
  • Agencies
  • Media companies


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DAY ONE 13 JUNE 2017

07:30–08:30 REGISTRATION




 The evolution of advertising: A look at the past, present and future

Chris Brewer, CEO, Brewers Data Services & Industry Commentator,


The age of collaboration - how brands and agencies work together and reap great rewards

Ingrid Lotze, Past President Elect, PRISA and Accredited Public Relations Practitioner

10:15–10:45 MORNING BREAK


Adapting to the new world of fast content: Fast, cheap and good

Rita Doherty, Chief Strategic Director, FCB Africa


#UNSTEREOTYPE - Unleash the possibilities of future feminine identities

Yasmin Kathoria, Business Humaniser, Innate Motion (Previous Global Brand Director, Unilever Brand) AND Kanchana Moodliar, Business Humaniser & Partner, Innate Motion Africa



13:00 – 13:45

Advertising – is it the longest con known to man?

Gavin Moffat, Co-founder and pothole spotter, join.the.dots

13:45 – 14:30

PANEL DISCUSSIONS: The future of advertising and brand building marketing
Join top agencies and marketing directors marketers as they debate some of the key trends, challenges and burning issues. 

SOME of the special panellists include:

  • Jerry Mpufune, Chairman, M&C Saatchi JHB Group
  • Thabang Skwambane, Managing Director, FCB Joburg
And many others…



What is programmatic buying and why is it important

Paula Raubenheimer, Head of Programmatic – SouthernX, The SpaceStation


The Millennial consumer – not just a niche youth market

Mokebe Thulo, Portfolio Manager, HDI Youth Marketeers



DAY TWO 14 JUNE 2017





The new consumer and media landscape

Matthew Arnold,
Head of Media, Native VML


The secrets of great advertising

Andrew Human, CEO, The Loeries



10:45 – 11:30

The future of native advertising and partner content

Myles Brown, Head of Native,

11:30 – 12:15

What virtual reality will mean for advertising

Brad Reilly, Executive Creative Director, Net#work BBDO

12:15 – 13:00

Influencer Marketing – the crucial insights your brand needs to know

Ryan McFadyen, Managing Director, HAVEYOUHEARD

13:00–13:45 LUNCH

13:45 – 14:30

Data at the forefront of advertising efforts 

Serena Seunarain, Head of Reporting & Research, Artifact Advertising

14:30 – 15:15

The future of mobile – innovation and creativity in mobile commerce

Speaker to be confirmed





Chris Brewer CEO, Brewers Data Services & Industry Commentator,
Having joined the ad industry in London, Chris spent most of his career in media analysis and planning, but has performed just about every advertising task from creative to research. He’s an honorary lifetime member of the Advertising Media Association and regularly advises agencies and clients regarding their media plan costs and strategies. He is also often asked to talk at industry functions. Read his blog:
Ingrid Lotze, Past President Elect, PRISA and Accredited Public Relations Practitioner
As a Loeries judge for the past five years, Ingrid has watched the world of advertising change significantly. In a nutshell, Ingrid is a volunteer, communicator, certified facilitator and life coach, trainer, scuba instructor, Loeries & Sports awards judge and a women’s work enthusiast. As Past President Elect of PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa), she has been an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) since March 1994, and she has been running her reputation management consultancy since 1998. She is well versed in most types of communication, including the art of lip reading.
Rita Doherty, Chief Strategic Officer, FCB Africa
Rita has been with FCB for 12 years. Last year the agency won Best Large Agency, Best Digital Agency, Top Agency Leader and Best Brand Agency for the third year running. FCB Africa is renowned for building Africa’s favourite brands – 94% of their brands are #1 or #2 in their category; they’re the custodians of SA’s most loved brand KOO and second most loved brand Coca-Cola and they’ve produced more loved advertising than any other agency in South African history. Rita has majors in Philosophy, an honours in English Literature and a cum laude MBA. She’s currently writing a strategy book called The Big Easy that brings together new insights into human nature from Behavioural Economics and paradigm-shifting marketing theory from Ehrenberg-Bass … in a way that’s easy to understand. Her favourite activity is thinking and she believes being silly is seriously important.
Yasmin Kathoria, Business Humaniser, Innate Motion & Previous Global Brand Director, Unilever Brand
(2014-2017 Purpose Branding & Sustainability, Unilever Global Team, London & 2001-2013 Unilever Africa Brand Development) A Purpose Brand Strategist and Creative Communication Crafter, Yasmin is a brand visionary, strategic shaper, creative leader and influencer. She brings global expertise in building brands with purpose, citizen participation and brand movements. She has worked at the forefront of brands and marketing with Unilever for 15 years and now consults for some of the world’s most well-known brands and businesses.
Kanchana Moodliar, Business Humaniser & Partner, Innate Motion Africa
Kanchana is a Business Humaniser at Innate Motion. Do you believe you can use your business influence & position to do good for the world? Then you too are a business humaniser. In the world we find ourselves in today, we can be complacent and work within the status quo or we can challenge it and be the people that pushed boundaries and changed the world for good. Being human is something that gets lost, when we put on a title and work within a structure that does not allow us to bring the best of ourselves. Kanchana shares the world's leading strategies and tools from innate motion that have positive effects on the company bottom line, while driving purpose.
Gavin Moffat, Co-founder and pothole spotter, join.the.dots
As the co-founder and pothole spotter of join.the.dots, Gavin teaches game-changing techniques for busting through ‘it's complicated’, cultivating clear thinking and boosting common sense. He leads workshops and training that bring clarity to individuals, teams and workplaces. His focus is on creating real-world results in which teams cut through the clutter – and meaningful productivity skyrockets. Through speaking, writing, training, consulting and coaching, he shares tools, thinking techniques and questions that challenge the accepted norm and lead to ‘aha’ moments that translate into clarity, new skills and shifts in people’s productive and effective work lives.
Serena Seunarain, Head of Reporting & Research, Artifact Advertising
After years of exploring, Serena realised her passion lies within the realm of all things digital. Artifact Advertising is the agency she calls home. This is where she can discover and analyse data, and where she can connect it all to tell a bigger story – a story that helps brands understand what their marketing efforts are actually doing for them. Serena’s journey is all about understanding data in its entirety and understanding how marketers can take it to the next level. Working on international brands such as KPMG, MTN, Telkom and Nissan has helped Serena to evolve her love for data into strategy.
Paula Raubenheimer, Head of Programmatic – SouthernX, The SpaceStation
Paula has over 10 years’ experience in the digital media landscape. She has a B Bus Science (Law) degree and completed Post-Graduate studies in Marketing and Advertising Communications. Before commencing with SouthernX, Paula was the Group Commercial Director of the Habari Group. On leaving the Group in 2013, she launched an e-commerce store, which she made profitable after only four months of operation. Her specialties include digital business development, media sales, general management and business strategy development and execution. In 2015, Paula was named as one of The Mint Top 40 Under 40 most influential people in media by The Media Online.
Matthew Arnold, Head of Media, Native VML
Matthew is a digital strategist at heart with extensive hands-on experience. Over the course of his career his responsibilities have included channel strategy, media strategy, paid search, media planning, buying and tracking across all media channels. He is addicted to everything and anything digital. He is also an avid photographer and a not-entirely-useless gamer.
Andrew Human, CEO, The Loeries
Andrew has run the Loeries, a non-profit company, since 2005. The Loeries is now the leading celebration of creativity across Africa and the Middle East, and Loeries Creative Week is the largest gathering in the region for the brand communications industry. Andrew was voted 2007 Advertising Industry Person of the Year by ‘The Annual’ and 2008 AdReview Advertising Person of the Year. He has judged the Epica Awards in Paris, the Gecko Advertising Awards in Namibia, the Footprint Marketing Awards, the AdReview awards, and chaired the Business and Arts South Africa panel for several years. He is also the editor of Migrate magazine.
Myles Brown, Head of Native,
Myles is the Head of Native at He oversees BrandStudio.24, the in-house content studio for the digital arm of Media24. With more than seven years of digital experience, working across both international and local social and premium publisher platforms, Myles has extensive insights into the local and international markets. is the largest digital publisher in Africa and recently won ‘Publisher of the Year’ at the 2017 Bookmarks Awards. Through BrandStudio.24 they are planning to grow their native and partner content revenues in 2018 and beyond.
Brad Reilly, Executive Creative Director, Net#work BBDO
Brad began as a junior copywriter at Net#workBBDO 18 years ago. He worked his way up to creative director in a meteoric rise, but in 2009 he decided to leave home to explore other stuff – he lead the multi-agency unit for Coca-Cola’s 2010 FIFA World Cup project, he took on the CCO role at one of SA’s biggest agencies and then did his own ‘thing’ and made products and movies and tv shows. Then, like the prodigal son, he came home and has been back at Net#workBBDO since 2014, where he is now the ECD entrusted with taking the agency into the future, the continent and beyond. He was the first African to win 2 Cannes Grand Prix and has collected metal at all the major shows, including Cannes Gold, D&AD pencils, Clio Golds, Young Guns (when he was younger), 9 Loerie Grand Prix, Bookmarks and African Cristals.
Ryan McFadyen, Managing Director, HAVEYOUHEARD
Ryan is the current MD of HaveYouHeard, South Africa’s leading influence marketing agency. Ryan has worked both locally and internationally both on the client and agency side of the industry and in 2016 was identifies as one of the 50 most creative business people in South Africa. In 2015 HaveYouHeard was recognized as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in South Africa.
Jerry Mpufane, Chairman, M&C Saatchi Jhb Group
Jerry has executive experience in both ad agency and client organisations. He is the Chairman of the M&C Saatchi JHB Group; vice-chairman of the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA); a Loerie Awards board member; and a judge for Bookmarks, Loeries and PRISMs. Jerry has 20+ years’ experience in Marketing. Twitter: @JerryMpufane
Thabang Skwambane, Managing Director, Fcb Joburg
Thabang is the Managing Director of FCB Joburg, the flagship agency within the FCB South Africa group. A well-known social entrepreneur and businessman, he has a flair for successfully combining capitalist and philanthropic principles. He has no formal marketing or advertising experience, but left a successful career in merchant and investment banking at Standard Bank to co-found Kaelo, a wellness company focusing on HIV and Aids. He is also a shareholder of Threefold Creative, a multimedia and technology business that brings together a multi-disciplinary team of highly-talented creatives to deliver audio, visual and sensory experiences. He completed his Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and is an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow. His moral compass is closely aligned to that of FCB and its clients, and his goal at FCB is to make a positive contribution to clients’ businesses while never losing sight of the challenges facing this country, and doing what we can do to make it a better place.
Mokebe Thulo, Portfolio Manager, Hdi Youth Marketeers
With a BCom Law degree (in Marketing and Business Management) in hand, Mokebe followed her passion for media and marketing to a content creation position. Her work on the Big Brother website and other DStv digital properties led her to the behind, and more excitingly, in front of the camera work on Channel O and In 2012 Mokebe took on the role of Communications Manager at HDI Youth Marketeers, developing the company’s PR strategies, while aligning internal communications and managing stakeholder communications. She now works as a Portfolio Manager, crafting her expertise in education programmes, keeping up with youth trends, and uncovering the secret to marketing to millennials.

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