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KR’s HUMAN CAPITAL AND LABOUR RESEARCH provides in-depth and comprehensive data of the latest human capital and labour trends and developments in various African countries.

This research will provide you with a better understanding and knowledge of the context of human capital and labour in terms of:

  • Labour market efficiency
  • Employment levels and trends
  • Unemployment and job creation
  • Wage and salary trends
  • Training and skills development
  • Skills shortages
  • Industrial relations
  • Education
  • Inter-cultural challenges
  • Economic indicators
  • Standards of living
  • Healthcare
  • Expatriates, immigrants and diaspora
  • Human resources profession and more.

In addition, the research sets these developments in context and explains their significance. Data is benchmarked against South Africa and Nigeria to provide context and perspective. This enables you to make better strategic decisions for your organisation.

Our integrated country reports are a must to read if you want to analyse labour market trends and identify human capital business risks!

Essential for a variety of people and organisations:

  • HR and Talent Managers (with offices in Africa or who are looking to branch into Africa)
  • Multinationals
  • Marketing Departments
  • Investors
  • Academics in HR; Development Studies, Economic Studies, Africa Studies etc.
  • Government Departments
  • Donors
  • Development Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Professional Services

How to access this vital research:

Subscribe to our digital platform

Included in your annual subscription:

  • Digital access to the most comprehensive information on human capital and labour developments in various African countries.
  • Selection of various African country reports or the option to subscribe to all the country reports.
  • Content is updated regularly.
  • Access to the Human Capital Research Portal for unlimited number of users.
  • Access information from any device connected to the internet.
  • Various authentication options are available such as IP authentication and login passwords.
  • All the content on the Human Capital Research Portal is fully searchable by search engines and discovery tools.
  • Download Power Point Presentations with all graphs and tables.
  • Option to download all the information in a pdf report.
  • Hypertext links provide the users with additional related information.
  • On-demand user statistics are available to monitor the usage of the platform by the users.
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting the latest developments in  human capital and labour trends.


Purchase a once-off country report

Included in your country report:

  • Most comprehensive information on human capital and labour developments in the respective African country.
  • Content is updated annually.
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting the latest developments in  human capital and labour trends and developments.

KR’s Human Capital and Labour Research is unique in that it...

Integrates data

A team of researchers source the data from various credible and reliable institutions. The information and data in the country reports are from a number of reputable institutions and cross-checked and verified with objective analysis.

Specialises in Human Capital

A wide range of reports, research studies and various analyses exist that refer to the economic and political dispensation of African countries. Information about the human capital and labour force of any African country is, however, fragmented. The aim of the research is to offer an integrated view and analysis of the quality and quantity of human capital in African countries.

Provides analysis and trends

The research reports are not just filled with data. The data is analysed, benchmarked and compared. Trends are provided and implications are explored.

Is From Africa for Africa and the rest of the world

Many international organisations that produce research on Africa do not consider that Africa is not homogeneous. Each country is unique. KR’s researchers are well qualified, have international exposure and deliver work that is of an international standard whilst considering Africa’s unique context.

Wilhelm Crous - KR Managing Director 
interview with CNBC Africa




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