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18-19 March 2015  •  CTICC | Cape Town
17 March 2015 | One Day Pre-Conference Workshop

This conference is specifically designed and developed for HR Directors and attendance is exclusive to senior executives. This is the ideal platform if you are seeking solutions to HR problems, to debate the future of HR and demonstrate the value that HR can bring to the table as well as HR’s role in steering organisational strategy. Organisations around the world are facing similar talent challenges and in order to solve these problems, requires a shift in thinking. Competition is fierce, talent supply is difficult to predict and HR executives are under severe pressure to prove a return on investment in people. But with challenges comes opportunity – HR is certainly capable of great things and is able to contribute to the strategic heart of the organisation.


Two-day conference 18 – 19 February 2015
One-day pre-conference workshop 17 February 2015 Workshop

Today’s reality and top priority for many organisations is to develop and retain top talent, have more flexible organisational structures that can adapt and react to change quickly, become more innovative and at the same time have great leadership to inspire and lead change! Organisation Development (OD) as a field has grown and thrived immensely because of the proven value that it brings to organisations and stakeholders. Ultimately the goal of OD is to make organisations more effective, efficient, productive, increase the long term health of the organisation and enrich the working lives of its employees. There is a need to know how to effectively bring about meaningful and sustainable change in organisations even with all the turbulence and complexity that so many organisations are dealing with. OD is key to ensuring that organisations and people are able to adapt to change in today’s fast-paced and lean environment. Attend the Knowledge Resources OD Conference 2015 and become a strategic partner to help take your organisation to the next level!


Two-day conference 25 – 26 February 2015 • 54 on Bath, Rosebank | Johannesburg
One-day Pre-conference workshop 24 February 2015 • JHB

Skills scarcities, globalisation and the lack of experienced, skilled workers are some of the major concerns for HR Professionals. But does your organisation have the right techniques and strategies in place to overcome these challenges? Discover how to identify, hire and retain top talents with innovative strategies presented by top HR leaders. Join Knowledge Resources at this two-day conference which will provide you with practical advice and tips on attracting, selecting and retaining top talent for your organisation.

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The Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer in formulating Organisational and HR Strategy
Dave van Eeden, in his new book  “The Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer” book, poses the following set of questions and checklist to assist senior HR Executives to develop their own, the HR department’s as well as the organisation’s future cause of action. 

Key Ingredients for Creating a Learning Culture
In this article Debbie Craig  discusses how to build an organisation that grows, adapts, learns and thrives continuing to produce both extraordinary results AND build a great place to work.
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